BBJ EFVS STC and Retrofit Installation Near Completion

King Aerospace Commercial Corporation, working in cooperation with Collins Aerospace and a launch customer, recently completed the first retrofit installation of Collins Aerospace’s new Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) upgrade for Boeing Business Jets (BBJ). This new EFVS upgrade will soon be available for additional BBJ operators as Collins Aerospace nears achieving a supplemental type certificate (STC) for the system.

The new EFVS utilizes Collins Aerospace’s proprietary EVS-3600 multispectral sensor to provide pilots with an augmented reality view of the outside world. Currently, poor visibility due to fog or precipitation is the cause of many frustrating delays. Using multiple infrared and visible light cameras on the outside of the aircraft, the EFVS can “see through” these poor visibility conditions better than the human eye. When pilots view this camera video on the head-up displays, it allows them to better detect the runway environment in poor weather and continue operating the aircraft.

“Achieving a STC from the FAA for an EFVS retrofit requires extensive certification flight testing,” says Jarid King, president of King Aerospace Companies. “It’s been a fascinating and rewarding process as we know there are a number of BBJ operators eager to deploy this system on their aircraft.”

King Aerospace’s STC customer conducted flight testing with the Collins Aerospace team in late April. Following the completion of that testing, any upgrades or changes are being incorporated and final designs completed. Plans call for Collins Aerospace to return for a third, and hopefully final, round of test flying.

“Certification will be a red-letter day for all involved,” says King.