CAS Dataloggers is pleased to announce Delphin ProfiMessageD Modular Data Acquisi- tion system has been upgraded with a new PROFINET interface. The ProfiMessage D is the latest in the extremely successful Message family of products targeted at Industry 4.0 applications. It is designed as a modular measurement, monitoring and control system for use in industrial processes and test stands.

For use as part of the upgrade for Industry 4.0 applications, the Profimessage D provide OPC UA and now OPC UA HA software interfaces which allows open data exchange to facilitate in- tegration with statistics, other equipment and systems. The Profimessage D features several other enhancement over the previous generation of Profimessage systems:


  • Built-in OLED display for monitoring and net- work configuration
  • Optional PROFINET and WiFi interfaces
  • Internal storage up to 16 GB
  • New Profisignal Web option for use with browsers and mobile devices The Profimessage D has a modular master/slave design. The main chassis provides 2 slots which accept a range of I/O modules which offer analog and digital inputs and out- puts to meet the requirements of all types of measurement and control applications.

The system can be expanded with up to 20 add-on slave modules each accepting 2 I/O modules. This allows a wide range of configurations with 8 to 660 I/O channels in a single system.

The Profimessage D has an intelligent local controller which allows it to operate as a stand-alone device. This controller also provides a wide functions such as limits/alarms, calculations, statistics, logic, automation and other functions through software channels. This allows the system to be configured to meet the needs of many different types of ap- plications without having to learn a complicated programming language.

The ProfiSignal Software package is a Windows based application available in 3 versions which provides a full range of capabilities from visualization and data archiving to ful-
ly automated test systems with report generation. Optional modules provide additional capabilities such as connecting to SQL databases, vibration analysis or FDA CFR21 Part 11 compliance. The new ProfiSignal Web add-on is a client/server application that allows platform-independent access to (remote) measurement projects from any standard web browser or mobile device.