ABX Air Adds Comply365 ProAuthor for Interconnected Manuals

ABX Air, a subsidiary cargo airline of Air Transport Services Group, Inc., recently added ProAuthor and Forms365. ProAuthor is Comply365’s end-to-end operational content and compliance management system that enables faster, more routine manual revisions while enabling the airline to always be audit ready by running reports of standards mapped during the authoring phase.

“We’ve had a great experience working with Comply365 to distribute important content to our Flight Operations team, making them an innovative partner to turn to as we advance in our digital strategy to support our airline’s growth,” said John Maloney, vice president of Flight Operations. “We’re excited to upgrade to a more robust solution that will provide efficiencies for our Technical Publications team, as well as deliver smart data to our crews, enhancing safety by making it easier and faster for them to find exactly what they need.”

The Ohio-based airline expects a 30-percent reduction in total end-to-end publication time, while also reducing the lead time to get new procedures to pilots, loadmasters, mechanics, and ground crews. Current manuals are published in PDF and provide no interconnectivity, forcing users to search each one individually for information. Using ProAuthor, their new manuals will allow cross-referencing with other manuals for the first time, eliminating confusion and decreasing the chance of errors.

The cargo airline has responded quickly to the global pandemic, helping to maintain the flow of vital supplies and increased e-commerce shopping under very challenging conditions. ProAuthor will allow the carrier to scale – authoring 30 to 50 percent more publications – while maintaining its existing team thanks to automated workflows.

ABX Air has been leveraging the power of Comply365’s mobile app with Document & Communication Manager (DCM) since early 2018 to provide its flight crews immediate access to manuals and important memos needed on their mobile iOS devices.

“It’s been wonderful working with ABX Air, and it is an honor that they have chosen to expand that relationship with the addition of ProAuthor for the next stage of their transformation,” Comply365 CEO Tom Samuel said. “Amid this challenging time for the aviation industry, it’s important to recognize the tremendous benefits ABX will realize by investing in a solution that will provide higher-value content to their users to enhance safety, compliance, and efficiency.”