ACR Electronics Launches ARTEX ELT 4000M

ACR Electronics Launches ARTEX ELT 4000M

ACR Electronics is introducing the ARTEX ELT 4000M, the latest transport-grade 406 MHz approved emergency locator transmitter (ELT). With 243 and 121.5 MHz homing frequencies, the innovative ELT is powered by a patented alkaline-based solution, providing exemption from FAA non-rechargeable lithium battery special conditions.

The ARTEX ELT 4000M has received Cospas-Sarsat, FAA, and EASA certification, and production units are now shipping.

By incorporating ACR Electronics’ unique alkaline battery system design, the ARTEX ELT 4000M features an alternative power source to traditional lithium batteries. This ensures special exemption from FAA compliance requirements that apply to the installation of lithium batteries, offering significant advantages and cost savings to OEMs, airlines and operators, including reduced acquisition, installation, and maintenance costs.

Additionally, the ELT’s five-year replaceable alkaline battery does not require additional protective housing or containment vessels. Other benefits of the ELT 4000M include cost savings due to lower battery expenses over the five-year replacement cycle, the avoidance of hazardous material shipping fees and regulations, and easier disposal.

“The three-frequency ARTEX ELT 4000M offers significant advantages to transport and business aircraft for both fixed and rotor wing designs,” Marc Medeiros, vice president of aviation sales, ARTEX, said. “It is less costly for airlines’ logistics as it is designed for easy and low-cost retrofit and is less expensive to ship than traditional ELTs with no hazardous material shipping hassles. The mounting tray footprint matches the legacy ARTEX ELT installation to further reduce engineering costs. The ELT 4000M features an advanced component structure and efficiencies that enable it to use less power while still meeting 406 MHz, 243 MHz and 121.5 MHz performance standards.”

The ELT 4000M is a one-piece solution featuring a built-in NAV interface (ARINC 429) and is ideal for simplified forward fit and retrofit opportunities. The device uses the same RF output and only one coax cable to transmit all three frequencies (406, 243, 121.5 MHz), making it a single output ELT. It also features further options, including a two-wire remote switch that does not require any aircraft power.

The device can be activated manually, using a cockpit remote switch, or automatically, via internal G-Switch. The 406 MHz signal is transmitted to the global Cospas-Sarsat satellite network and routed to the nearest Search and Rescue agency. The GPS data embedded within the digital transmission reduces the search radius to 100 meters.
The ARTEX ELT 4000M is also approved and available in a Helicopter Model (HM) with a 5-axis G-Switch.