ACR Group Announces Acquisition of FreeFlight Systems

The ACR Group is to acquire avionics manufacturer FreeFlight Systems.

FreeFlight Systems will continue to operate as an independent subsidiary, under the existing management team, products, brand, locations, engineering capabilities, and sales. “FreeFlight Systems brings new innovative technologies that better completes our company’s avionics suite of products for our customers including ADS-B, SBAS/GNSS Receivers, and Flight Management Systems,” said Michael Wilkerson, Vice-President of ACR Aviation and Government Businesses.

FreeFlight Systems now joins the ACR Aviation group of companies which includes Skytrac Systems, Latitude Technologies, Flight Data Systems, and ARTEX. Together they provide high value solutions including Emergency Locator Transmitters, Flight Data Recorders, GADSS, ADS-B, Flight Management Systems, Data Acquisition, Monitoring, Tracking, Communications and Flight Data Analysis. “We’ve always made it our mission to make flying safer and more efficient with the highestquality, longest-lasting, and most affordable products available,” said Tim Taylor, FreeFlight Systems’ President. “Both companies share common values and goals, with focuses on safety, product performance, and client satisfaction, and together we will continue to lead the industry in the development of critical technologies that supports the aviation industry.”