Aerion Supersonic Shuts Down Operation

It’s being reported that Aerion Supersonic has shuttered operations and will no longer pursue their multi-million facility in Orlando, Fla. A statement was released late Friday, May 21, 2021 stating:

“The AS2 supersonic business jet program meets all market, technical, regulatory and sustainability requirements, and the market for a new supersonic segment of general aviation has been validated with $11.2 billion in sales backlog for the AS2,” a company statement released Friday afternoon said. “However, in the current financial environment, it has proven hugely challenging to close on the scheduled and necessary large new capital requirements to finalize the transition of the AS2 into production. Given these conditions, the Aerion Corporation is now taking the appropriate steps in consideration of this ongoing financial environment.”

The company chairman, president and CEO, Tom Vice, once touted: “We are committed to bringing people closer together in a more vibrant and compassionate world where distance is no longer a barrier, and to innovation that is kind to our planet.” The had set their goal as reaching any two cities on the planet in three hours.

The reports cite difficulty in securing capital as the reason for ending their operations.