AFI KLM E&M supports China Southern Airline’s A350s

China Southern has signed a long-term component support contract for the for its fleet of newly acquired A350s. The aircraft has just made its debut within the fleet, therefore the airline has opted for a pooling solution as part of its operational strategy.

As part of the agreement for component support, the Chinese carrier will have access to a dedicated inventory as well as AFI KLM E&M’s regional China A350 pool.

The announced maintenance program includes maintenance, repair and logistic services. In addition to AFI KLM E&M’s global pool located at Paris, Singapore and Detroit, China Southern Airlines will gain access to the central China pool of Shanghai as well as dedicated Main Base Kits (MBK) in Guangzhou and Beijing.

Due to the presence of this regional pool, AFI KLM E&M has announced it can immediately accommodate China Southern Airlines’ A350 fleet for stopovers in China, thereby eliminating the risk of operational delays caused by long customs processes or transport timeframes. This new contract firmly bolsters AFI KLM E&M’s position regarding A350 component pooling in China, Asia and the global market.