AFuzion’s Certification Templates Achieve 15 Successful Certifications for uAvionix

Navigation/guidance avionics supplier for unmanned and small aircraft, uAvionix, has successfully deployed AFuzion’s DO-178C Templates on over 15 successful FAA certifications. “AFuzion’s UAS cert protege (uAvionix) has over 15 and counting TSOAs,” says Paul Beard, uAvionix CEO and founder. “Proof that certification doesn’t mean big, heavy and power hungry.”

Like most of the 170 worldwide aviation companies selecting AFuzion’s DO-178C, DO-254, and ARP4754A products and services, uAvionix started with AFuzion DO-178C training and mentoring. Additional free information is located here (and can be downloaded for a DO-178C PDF technical intro whitepaper).

AFuzion’s DO-178C Process and Checklist Templates provide the basis for developing and certifying software per the guidance of RTCA DO-178C.
DO-178C requires planning documents and software lifecycle documents for requirements, design, implementation, and verification. Using DO-178C and DO-254 provided templates for these documents greatly eases their preparation and approval. For an added fee, AFuzion can even develop draft documents for planning your entire DO-178C and DO-254 certification effort.
DO-178C and DO-254 also requires reviews, audits and proof thereof. The best “proof” is detailed and complete checklists covering the primary software lifecycle activities and artifacts. Using AFuzion’s DO-178C and DO-254 provided checklists ensures that you have an appropriate framework for successfully developing and certifying your system.

Once acquired from AFuzion and customized on the first project, your DO-178C project will retain the expertise to create, customize and re-use as appropriate on future DO-178C projects. Note that the DO-178C Planning documents (five documents) can be purchased in either Template form or “Initial Draft” form. The Template form option provides the basic templates which you then modify to create an initial draft. The Initial Draft option provides for AFuzion to first create initial drafts of all five planning documents using the same template, but adding the customer’s basic product information to create an initial draft; the customer then must finalize this initial draft to create the first versions of these five planning documents. Click here for details on AFuzion’s DO-178C Templates for Plans, Standards, and Checklists.

“We’re pleased uAvionix standardized on AFuzion’s certification frameworks and consulting services five years ago. Since then, over 9,000 engineers at 170 companies worldwide rely solely on AFuzion for DO-178C, DO-254, DO-278A, ARP4754A, and ARP4761A Templates, Plans, Standards, and Checklists,” AFuzion’s CTO Vance Hilderman added. “As Mr. Beard succinctly states, uAvionix fifteen successful certifications based upon AFuzion’s DO-178C templates are a testament to that success. Their new miniaturized flight controller product named “George” will further revolutionize aviation and open thousands of new aircraft to certified flight control enhancements.”

AFuzion’s DO-178C Plans and Checklist Templates cover all phases of the system’s software project lifecycle and are developed with DO-178C in mind.