Airbus Skywise Parking Management App Eases Aircraft Logistics/Return to Service

With Airbus’ new Skywise geospatial app, airlines can now tag their grounded aircraft, and virtually park them into airports/stations (hangar, gate, taxiway, etc.) – using the Skywise open data platform.

With the app, Airbus says airlines can rapidly extract contextual data such as an aircraft’s age, latest and next checks, last major assembly overhaul, and more. This enables them to efficiently decide where to store each individual aircraft, and in what order. The app was developed in the frame if the COVID‐19 circumstances which has forced airlines to ground much of their fleets.

Airbus says the app eases the task of tracking down and knowing which of their aircraft are stored in which location, and which maintenance tasks needs to be carried out to uphold airworthiness. Furthermore, once passenger demand returns, airlines will need to identify the optimal aircraft to bring back into service and generate a checklist of the necessary maintenance tasks – another challenge which the company believes the app makes much easier for airlines solve.