Airnguru Launches New-Gen Automation/Orchestration Engine for Airlines

Airnguru announced the launch of Pantheon, an automation engine that empowers airlines to orchestrate and scale their commercial strategies. Pantheon handles all necessary connectivity to the airlines’ ecosystem, integrates all inputs, distributes all outputs to legacy or new-gen instances, and securely hosts and protects the airlines’ proprietary algorithms that reflect their strategy.

Thanks to a collaboration with Avianca, the second-largest airline in Latin America, the company says Pantheon is not just an idea but a proven solution. The first high-impact use case for Pantheon is the automation of reactive pricing. After running this use case for a couple of months, the results have been astonishing: a 70% overall reduction (and a 90% reduction in their domestic markets) in the airline’s time to react to competitors’ price actions (TTM or time-to-market). Over a time window of 14 weeks, the ratio of Avianca’s TTM over their main competitor’s dropped from 150% to 45%.

“Pantheon is a game changer in this industry where most airlines share the same algorithms and tools, and those tools do not scale but consume most of the time of smart analysts performing tedious tasks,” said Javier Jiménez, COO and co-founder of Airnguru. “Pantheon is a first-of-its-class strategic orchestrator that offers a new level of automation and has been a vision for several years. Now it is finally producing high-impact results for one of our customers.”

Rodrigo Rioseco, VP of Revenue Management of Avianca, said, “We are very enthusiastic about this collaboration. Airnguru has been a great partner for innovation because they know how to execute in the complex airline industry. The travel demand is back at full intensity. Thanks to Pantheon, the productivity of our Pricing teams has risen substantially. Most importantly, one of our key performance metrics, the time-to-market, has improved dramatically, positively impacting market leadership, price positioning, and revenue.”

The pandemic deeply impacted airlines; they lost a significant part of their revenues and a substantial portion of their talent, now working elsewhere. According to Sergio Mendoza, CEO and co-founder of Airnguru, “Travel demand is back, but it will take time for airlines to rebuild their talent to the pre-pandemic levels. That is why Pantheon is such good news for airlines. Pantheon not only boosts airlines’ productivity but also supports commercial innovation securing backward compatibility. We are seeing much interest from airlines to try this new technology, and we are thrilled to be able to contribute to their productivity and competitiveness.”