Airport Optimization and Efficiency are Key with Collins Aerospace’s Next Gen Airport Operations Solution – ARINC AirPlan

Collins Aerospace Systems, a Raytheon Technologies business (NYSE: RTX), is redefining airport operations with the launch of its all-new ARINC AirPlan solution. Available with cloud or on-premise deployments, AirPlan enables airports to manage all of their resources – including gates, check-in desks and baggage belts — from a single application on any computer or mobile device connected to their network. 

AirPlan can provide airport operations with tools to make the status of each resource readily available in one central place and with an intuitive user interface. Airports can quickly and easily move staff, deploy ground crews and get passengers checked in for flights, optimizing their operations and providing a better experience for passengers.

In addition, AirPlan can support new airport social distancing regulations by automating the process of staggering gate schedules and optimizing the use of baggage belts to limit crowding at baggage claim.

“Our airport customers made it clear that they wanted cloud technology, mobile management and a streamlined system to make their operations more efficient,” said Christopher Forrest, vice president of Global Airport Systems for Collins Aerospace. “The new AirPlan will meet all of their requirements now, and future upgrades will enable someone who manages multiple airports to manage the operations of several locations in one application.”

Additional AirPlan benefits include:

  • Efficient solution that can leverage existing platforms and solutions
  • Flight data generated from multiple information feeds to provide the most accurate picture of operations
  • A customizable interface to meet individual user needs
  • Ability to schedule swing gates ahead of time to reflect their planned international and domestic configurations
  • Customer Service support provided by experienced staff with industry-leading knowledge
  • Cybersecurity support to help ensure systems are always protected and secure