Amelia Selects Universal Avionics Flight Management System Upgrades with LPV

Universal Avionics (UA), a leading manufacturer of innovative commercial avionics, has been selected by Amelia to provide Flight Management System (FMS) upgrades for its fleet of 13 Embraer jets. This modification will allow the airline to meet operational airspace requirements while enabling complex procedures.  

The installation includes a dual UNS-1Lw FMS configuration, replacing previously fitted UNS-1K Flight Management Systems. The STC issued by EASA allows Amelia to upgrade aircraft to the latest Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) FMS model, which provides operators with precision navigation for increased reliability and advanced capabilities. The later addition of a Localizer Performance and Vertical Guidance (LPV) monitor will bring additional efficiencies, enabling LPV approaches with a descent as low as 200-250 feet above the runway. 

“Universal offers us the possibility to upgrade our ERJ 135/145 fleet with a “plug and play” solution in order to prepare our fleet for LPV approaches, allowing us to continue to operate our ERJ fleet for the next decades,” said Guillaume Beurnaux, head of compliance at Amelia. 

Two Embraer ERJ 135s and one ERJ 145 will be modified this year, with the rest of the fleet to follow. 

“As more airports adopt NextGen performance-based navigation routes and procedures, modernizing the aircraft becomes necessary to maintain sustainable and efficient operations,” said Dror Yahav, chief executive officer of Universal Avionics. “Amelia will benefit from continued operations and enhanced safety in low visibility conditions, with more access to smaller airports for regional airline customers.”