American Microwave Introduces Switch Matrix Product Line

American Microwave Corporation, an Ironwave Technologies Company (, is a designer and manufacturer of DC to 40GHZ solid state control components and subsystems for the communication and electronic warfare community. AMC recently released a switch matrix product line from single pole to 65 throw with exceptional insertion loss. The base specifications comprise: 

  • Frequency: .5Ghz to 40GHz 
  • Insertion Los:s <7dB up to 18GHz and <10dB up to 40GHz 
  • Isolation: 65 dB minimum 
  • Switching speed <500ns 
  • Input/output: VSWR 2.0:1 
  • Power supply: +5VDC @ 220mA max/-12VDC@45mA max

The innovative design is a single pole/25 throw hermetically sealed switch using a combination of suspended and stripline substrates and a switch control configuration via encoded 5-bit TTL inputs latched by the use of a dual rail strobe.  

The design maintains the basic specifications up to 40GHz and 65 throw. Using a modular design AMC can rapidly and cost effectively modify the design for specific ELINT, EW or satellite ground station needs and deliver in 60-90 days.  

AMC touts their extensive line of Switch Matrices, DVLA’s, Power Dividers, Attenuators and says the company is constantly evolving the technology to support their military application customer base.


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