Amprius Technologies, Inc. Announces Purchase Agreement With Centrotherm For Silicon-Nanowire Anode Production

Lithium-ion battery maker Amprius Technologies lies announced a purchase agreement with centrotherm, a global supplier of process equipment for the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries, to support the development of large-scale silicon anode production for Amprius’ high performance lithium-ion battery cells.

“Amprius has been delighted to work with centrotherm and this purchase agreement represents an important milestone in our engagement with a world-class technology and equipment supplier,” said Amprius COO Jon Bornstein. “With centrotherm’s equipment, we bring established and industry leading silicon process equipment into battery cell production.”

This agreement is the culmination of a collaborative development effort between Amprius and centrotherm for the application of equipment used in photovoltaic cell production to manufacture Amprius’ silicon nanowire anode.  In so doing, Amprius is leveraging proven equipment used in the manufacturing of commodity solar cells to fabricate their disruptive silicon anode lithium-ion battery cells.

“The adoption of our market-leading equipment by Amprius marks an important step for us in bringing our proven technology to the battery manufacturing industry,” said centrotherm CTO Helge Haverkamp. “We are excited to be engaged with Amprius and look forward to enabling them with mass production solutions.”