Apollo Fusion To Propel Spaceflight Inc.’s Orbital Sherpa-LTE

Apollo Fusion, Inc. is excited to announce it has been selected as the electric propulsion system for Spaceflight Inc.’s Sherpa-LTE. The Sherpa-LTE is a high specific impulse (Isp), xenon propellant, electric propulsion orbital transfer vehicle (OTV). It builds on Spaceflight’s Sherpa-NG program by incorporating Apollo Constellation Engine (ACE) — a low thrust, high efficiency, radiation hardened Hall thruster propulsion system developed by Apollo Fusion, Inc. As ACE systems are able to generate more than 6 kilometers per second of delta-V, Sherpa-LTE now has the capability to deliver customers to GEO, Cislunar, or Earth-escape orbits. Sherpa-LTE provides a low-cost alternative to purchasing full direct-inject launch vehicles and will extend the ability of small launch vehicles that are currently under development to reach beyond low Earth orbit. The Sherpa-LTE is targeted to fly mid-2021.

pollo CEO Mike Cassidy noted, “We’re thrilled to partner with Spaceflight Inc. to provide the significant delta-V required for Sherpa-LTE to deliver Spaceflight Inc. customers to their final orbits in LEO, GEO, and beyond.”

“We have a successful track record of developing and deploying spacecraft from in-space vehicles,” added Curt Blake, president and CEO of Spaceflight. “And we’re delighted to have Apollo’s high-performance propulsion system onboard to help our customers reach their target orbits efficiently and reliably.”