Aspen Avionics Nabs STC on Evolution MAX Primary Flight and MFDs

Aspen Avionics has received an FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) on its line of Evolution MAX primary and multi-function displays. With redesigned electronics and new glass, Aspen says the Evolution MAX series displays offer a brighter display with better reliability and several customer-requested functions such as font and window enlargement and increased processing speeds. Customers purchasing the new Evolution MAX displays get more functions, safety features and improved reliability priced below the MSRP of Aspen’s legacy Evolution displays, the company says. New Evolution MAX units and MAX upgrade units are now shipping.

The MAX display upgrade program provides current owners of Aspen equipment an opportunity to upgrade their existing Aspen EFIS system regardless of age or condition and receive the latest avionics glass technology, hardware, faster processing speeds and receive a new two-year warranty at the approximate cost of a steam gauge overhaul, Aspen says.

Additionally, current and future Aspen owners may remove their existing vacuum back-up systems if they upgrade from a single Aspen Pro MAX PFD to an Evolution 2000 MAX system (Pro MAX PFD, MFD1000 MAX multi-function display (MFD) or to an Evolution 2500 system (Pro MAX PFD, MFD1000 MAX, MFD500 MAX) if an optional external battery is purchased.

Aspen also offers an upgrade path from the EFD1000 E5 Electronic Flight Instrument (EFI). The E5 is upgradable to a full TSO’d MAX display.

“We’re not aware of any manufacturer in this industry that offers this type of upgrade program”, said John Uczekaj, president and CEO. “Our corporate philosophy from the time we introduced the Evolution 1000 PFD 12 years ago was to offer new functions and safety features our current customers could adopt affordably and, provide future owners the peace of mind that their investment is protected as technology evolves”, continued Uczekaj.
All MAX series displays can be configured for one, two, or three units.