Aspen’s Evolution E5 Electronic Flight Instrument (EFI) Receives EASA Approval

Aspen’s Evolution E5 Electronic Flight Instrument (EFI) Receives EASA Approval

Aspen Avionics has obtained EASA approval for the Evolution E5 EFI. The budget-friendly E5 EFI will be sold through Aspen Avionics authorized dealers and directly to aircraft owners through aviation retailers. IFR and VFR capable, this approval opens the door to many aircraft owners and flight schools in the region that want to update their existing steam gauges to glass at an affordable price, Aspen says.

The STC’d non-TSO Evolution E5 consolidates attitude indicator plus DG/CDI into a single display with a rechargeable backup battery. It also includes Global Positioning System Steering (GPSS), air data computer and Attitude Heading Reference System (ADAHRS) starting at $4,995. “The Evolution E5 offers an easy and economic path for aircraft owners to remove outdated and high-maintenance vacuum systems and air-driven gyros,” said Cory Relling, international regional sales manager. “Additionally, owners will have the opportunity to streamline their panel with Aspen’s patented retrofit display technology which substantially lowers installation costs,” continued Relling.

Aspen says the Evolution E5 EFI is configurable and upgradeable. As the pilot’s need grow, the E5 can also be converted to the Evolution Pro MAX line of displays which enables owners to add software options like Synthetic Vision and Angle of Attack. The Evolution E5 EFI is approved for IFR flight when installed with a panel mounted IFR GPS. When installed without a panel mount GPS, the E5 EFI is approved for VFR flight only.


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