Astronautics AeroSync Connectivity Solution for Airbus Helicopters H125 and H130

Astronautics Corporation of America is providing its AeroSync wireless Airborne Communication System (wACS) as the standard-fit connectivity solution for Airbus Helicopters’ new production H125 and H130 helicopters.

Astronautics’ AeroSync wACS is a secure and integrated wireless data transmission system that automatically provides high-speed flight, mission, and maintenance data export and storage services to enhance Airbus’ Flight Analyser and FlyScan fleet monitoring connected services. AeroSync wACS collects data throughout the flight and that data is then available for fleet monitoring applications at landing.

This system is Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) technical standard order approved and capable of streaming mission data and video between the aircraft and the ground throughout the mission profile, whether in the air or on the ground, and from any external device. AeroSync wACS meets the European Union Aviation Safety Agency and FAA security standards. Additionally, AeroSync wACS has in-flight cabin connectivity and retrofit capabilities.

“Whether our AeroSync wACS is streaming data for air ambulance, law enforcement, or executive transport missions, the flight crew and passengers remain connected to the ground—be that a hospital trauma center, ground control dispatch, or a corporate server being accessed through a web-browser application,” said Matt Frei, Astronautics’ director of connected aircraft solutions. 

“Adding the option for in-flight cabin connectivity adds a broadband capability that connects up to ten client devices, offers worldwide, affordable data services, and a Wi-Fi access point extending up to 400 feet from the aircraft for mission connection on ground and in the air.”

Airbus’ H125 and H130 equipped with AeroSync wACS are scheduled to enter into service by the end of 2022 and in early 2023.  Astronautics’ AeroSync wACS is also the line-fit connectivity solution for Airbus’ new H145 platforms.