Astronautics Selected to Upgrade Electronic Flight Bags for Air France Boeing 777 and 787 Fleet

Astronautics Corporation of America is providing Air France upgraded electronic flight bags (EFBs) on the airline’s fleet of Boeing 777 and 787 aircraft. The contract includes upgrading 48 Air France 777s and six 787s.

The upgraded EFBs on both aircraft will improve pilot interface and provide growth to mobile connectivity. Due to faster processors and other improvements, the upgraded hardware will provide faster application launches, reduced computation times, and faster database loading. Additionally, the drop-in upgrades require no installation downtime, changes to wiring, power, cooling, or the avionics rack.

The EFB upgrade on Air France’s fleet will also improve overall reliability while lowering total cost of ownership with minimal maintenance costs.

“Air France was impressed by the current Astronautics EFBs installed on the Boeing 787 and as a result, Air France decided to upgrade all 777s and 787s with the latest hardware available for each aircraft type,” said Ed Callahan, Astronautics’ director of connected aircraft solutions. “These EFB upgrades will continue to provide Air France the reliability of the installed EFB system while also providing them future growth options such as integrating mobile technology into the flight deck.”

Astronautics’ EFB is standard fit on the Boeing 787 airplane and a standard option on the Boeing 777 airplane.