Australian Start-Up Launches CONFIRM App for Wildlife Management and Aviation Safety Reporting

CONFIRM, a mobile application from AVEM Insight tailored for pilots, aiming to drastically simplify mandatory report submissions has officially launched. Built with an intuitive user interface and seamless third-party background integrations, CONFIRM promises to condense the mandatory safety report completion process down to less than 60 seconds.

Traditional reporting, often seen as a laborious task, can divert a pilot’s attention from crucial flight preparations and checks. CONFIRM addresses this issue head-on, ensuring pilots spend minimal time on reporting and maximum time focusing on safe flight operations. CONFIRM also ensures valuable risk data is shared between users. Wildlife strike and observation data is de-identified and aggregated to provide a holistic wildlife risk view that every pilot can use during planning to reduce their risk profile.

Key Features:
• AI-Powered Auto-Population: With its intelligent technology, CONFIRM instantly fills out much of the required data, reducing manual input and potential errors.
• Accurate Wildlife Risk Data: Leveraging advanced algorithms and up-to-date databases, the app offers ongoing wildlife risk and activity trend insights, crucial for improving flight safety.
• Immediate Weather and NOTAM Updates: CONFIRM guarantees access to current and accurate weather conditions, as well as the latest Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs), essential for informed decision-making before and during flights.

“Our mission with CONFIRM is to offer a tool that not only streamlines administrative tasks but also actively contributes to safer skies,” said Stu McGraw, co-founder of AVEM Insight. “With CONFIRM, pilots have a digital co-pilot in their pocket, offering insights, predictions, and vital updates at their fingertips.”

Early adopters have already praised the app for its intuitive interface and the valuable data-driven insights it provides. CONFIRM is now available for download in Australia on iOS and Android for just AU$5 per month or even less for an annual subscription. Other regions are already in development and will follow soon.