Austrian Airlines Joins the Lufthansa Group-Wide NetLine/Ops ++ Cloud Platform

Austrian Airlines now runs its flight operations on the innovative NetLine/Ops ++ operations control platform of the Lufthansa Group. The transition from a local legacy system to the Lufthansa Systems’ operated cloud platform is the next evolutionary step in the Lufthansa Group’s efforts to harmonize and evolve IT in operational control. Austrian Airlines is the sixth Lufthansa Group carrier to join the group-wide operations control platform on Lufthansa Systems’ Global Aviation Cloud. The decision to move all Lufthansa Group Airlines to one platform was made as part of the business strategy towards an overarching collaboration and resource sharing of the group OCCs, based on modern cloud technology and a group wide standardized product. The Austrian carrier joins Lufthansa Cargo, Swiss International Airlines, Edelweiss Air, Eurowings Discover, and Lufthansa Cityline on the group-wide platform.

“Austrian Airlines has been a NetLine/Ops Classic customer since 1997 with Lufthansa Systems being a reliable partner for many years. The joint project management team of Austrian, Lufthansa Group and Lufthansa Systems experts did an excellent job throughout the transition phase and final cutover. Of course, challenges were faced, but these are expected to occur and were professionally managed by the expert teams,” said Manuel Javorik, head of Operations Control Austrian Airlines. “As Austrian OCC we already see major benefits of the modern platform in our daily work. NetLine/Ops ++ provides detailed information to support our customer centricity by focusing on low passenger connecting times. Also, the rotational steering and optimal use of aircraft can be further improved.”

“Coming from previous migrations in the program, every group airline has its specific challenges to be addressed. We have worked closely with Austrian Airlines over the past ten months, evaluated possible optimizations to business processes and even developed some feature requests allowing Austrian to cope with new regulatory requirements. Participating in our Lufthansa Group NetLine/Ops ++ cloud platform, Austrian Airlines is prepared to manage the hurdles that occur as a result of resuming flight traffic after the pandemic,” added Thomas Hoelsken, program manager Lufthansa Systems.

“Cloud architectures come along with many benefits. The Lufthansa Group airlines can, for example, adapt the size of the production environment, allowing to cope with previously unimagined situations such as the Covid-19 pandemic and a drastically ramped down flight schedule. The platform was scaled down to a minimum as public life went into lockdown and platform resources were no longer required,” mentioned Oliver Thoenissen, Director Ground Operation Products Lufthansa Systems. “Our Financial Optimization Team regularly checks the usage of the cloud resources and makes recommendations for optimization to keep operational costs at a minimum.”


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