Avidyne Announces Quantum Opens Avionics Platform

Avidyne Corporation announced their Quantum Open Avionics Platform, it is calling “a new concept in avionics.” Quantum enables aircraft designers and system integrators to greatly accelerate the development of advanced avionics systems that meet the unique requirements of their aircraft and missions. The Quantum platform includes a full suite of customizable avionics hardware, software, AI processors, licensable IP, a development environment, and engineering services. Quantum positions Avidyne as the partner of choice for aircraft developers and systems integrators developing the next generation of alternative energy, distributed propulsion, and highly automated aircraft.

“Developing these innovative new technologies and their associated certification basis requires avionics solutions that enable customization, rapid prototyping, and iterative experimental flight testing, and Quantum leverages Avidyne’s broad portfolio of products and IP coupled with our nearly thirty years of engineering and certification experience to bring to market a certifiable avionics platform explicitly designed to address these requirements,” said Dan Schwinn,president, Avidyne. “The Quantum solution is the direct result of our experience with multiple SVO, remote operation, autonomy, and eVTOL developers, as well as our own experience integrating new systems into existing platforms.”

“The emerging ecosystem of next generation aircraft developers & integrators have unique requirements with respect to their avionics system architectures and their make versus buy strategies,” said Ed Paulsen, Avidyne’s senior vice president of business development. “Quantum’s open architecture and Avidyne’s unique business model provide our customers with an unprecedented level of flexibility in determining the best mix of off the shelf products, customized products, licensed IP, Avidyne engineering support, and internal customer developed functions. Quantum’s partitioned compute architecture, rich set of software & hardware interfaces, and certified IP libraries provide customers with an avionics platform that can be highly optimized and very cost effective for their aircraft and missions.”

A configuration of the Quantum avionics solution will be on display at the upcoming Paris Air Show on June 19-23, 2023 at Le Bourget Airport in France.