Avionica and SmartSky Partner to Develop Real-Time Aviation Data Services

Avionica and SmartSky Networks have formed a partnership to deliver a new and advanced class of data-focused services for aviation.

Avionica has proven leadership with onboard data collection. The SmartSky network, launching later this year, will provide superior high bandwidth, low latency connectivity to and from aircraft, and a secure data sharing exchange, Skytelligence. Together, Avionica and SmartSky say they will enable the concurrent transfer of critical operational telematic data for aircraft and allowing the full potential of the emerging connected aircraft ecosystem for MROs, Aircraft OEMs and fleet operators. This convergence of technologies by the two companies will significantly improve information gathering and sharing for the industry.

“Avionica’s data collection and analysis capabilities, coupled with SmartSky’s unique ability to move and share data between an inflight aircraft and the ecosystem of aftermarket service providers, opens new opportunities for improving aircraft safety and efficiency. We envision a point where real-time, inflight data transfer and analysis will be seen just as key a capability as passenger connectivity is seen today,” said Sean Reilly, Avionica’s VP of Business Development.

“These new data services highlight the importance that collection, connectivity, analysis and sharing play in developing innovative outcomes from aircraft data,” Rich Pilock, SmartSky VP of Product noted. “With our high speed, low latency connectivity and open data sharing platform, we can enable a new class of advanced aftermarket applications and services that will help make many of the outcomes everyone talks about a reality. From lower carbon emissions to smoother flights and support for advanced air mobility and cargo companies, this data focus will deliver real value.”

The combination of services from Avionica and SmartSky will encompass a range of options tailored to specific industry needs. With Avionica’s onboard systems, interrogation of the aircraft for troubleshooting and analysis will expedite repairs and reduce maintenance costs the companies say. Interoperability through the Skytelligence data sharing platform will provide flexibility for service providers and operators to choose services based on their needs. In combination, the innovative class of services will work seamlessly with passenger and crew connectivity to fulfill the connected aircraft ecosystem’s needs.