Barfield and AERACCESS Sign UAVV/Drone Sales/Support Agreement

Barfield and AERACCESS Sign UAV/Drone Sales/Support Agreement

Barfield continues to expand its participation in the UAV industry by signing a partnership agreement with AERACCESS, a surveillance drone manufacturer, whose product range focuses on law enforcement, defense, facility security, and border enforcement solutions. This agreement is another milestone in the development of Barfield’s UAV growth strategy.

“We are extremely happy to be partnering with AERACCESS. We have been studying the UAV thriving market for quite some time and found that AERACCESS has a high standard of meeting their commitments to customer through a balanced mix of innovation, customization, and series production. Their UAVs perform where others cannot deliver. This is exactly in Barfield’s DNA and we strive to continue along these lines for this strategic addition to our expertise in aircraft engineering,” said Herve Page, Barfield’s CEO.

“Barfield’s expertise in aeronautics, its extensive commercial and government contracting activities along with its customer focus strategy to deliver exceptional products and services is a perfect fit to bring AERACCESS products and solutions to the Americas. This is an important step forward in our overall development strategy,” said Shehzaad Callachand, AERACCESS’ CEO and founder.