Barfield Receives New Patent from U.S Patent Office for Remote Application Update of Electronic Test Equipment

AFI KLM E&M American Subsidiary Barfield has been awarded a new patent from U.S Patent Office for remote application update of its Air Data Tester.

The claims of the newly allotted patent are directed towards instrument measurement systems and methods for remotely updating. A huge achievement regarding the development of the firmware and software which are at the core of the company’s Ground Support Test Equipment (GSTE).

The “yellow box” from Barfield is now a pioneer in using remote update as a convenient and time saving unique solution in air data testing. This patent innovation is for automatically and remotely updating a software on an instrument measurement device that is isolated from wide area networks, comprising the steps of downloading an application from an application store, installing the downloaded application on the receiving device, establishing a peer to peer Wi-Fi direct protocol connection, triggering automatically a software update on the measurement device, and restarting the measurement device.

“We made this change to allow current and future Barfield equipment to be easily updated with new features and software in the field. We realized that this was a very unique and powerful feature, so it made sense to patent the idea,” says Lew Wingate, Barfield Vice President of Ground Support Test Equipment (GSTE) and one of the patent’s authors. The two other authors are Alexis Rodriguez and Maria Mercedes Gonzalez.

“This new technology affirms Barfield’s position at the forefront of the aviation industry cutting edge technology. It has been a long process, but we are thrilled the patent was finally issued. I would like to congratulate Lew, Alexis and Mercedes for a job well done and for making Barfield a state-of-the-art company,” said Hervé Page, Barfield CEO.