Blind Jiu-Jitsu Champ and Wall Street Wolf Sets His Sights on Space Flight

Russell G. Redenbaugh, well known for defying both odds and doubters to do what people thought was impossible, is doing it again. Russell was Blinded at 16 when a model rocket he was building exploded. He went on to graduate fifth in his class with an MBA from Wharton, made millions on Wall Street, and won the Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu Championship in his class against sighted people three years in a row. Now Russell is entering the Inspiration4 contest to earn a seat on the first all civilian space flight on the SpaceX Inspiration4 rocket in October 2021. Russell is doing this to benefit his Shift The Narrative Foundation and St. Jude’s Hospital and realize his lifelong dream of spaceflight. 

Russell G. Redenbaugh

Asked why he is once again trying to do the impossible, Russell said, “I have been broadly supported and rewarded in my endeavors in life. I am thinking about my legacy and how to give back to the country that has so richly supported and rewarded me. I have started The Shift The Narrative Foundation to move the left-behind to the first rung on the ladder of success. We are extending a helping hand to local organizations that tutor, teach and mentor the left-behind. Think Y-Combinator meets Boys and Girls Club. To publicize The Foundation, help St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, and fulfill my lifelong dream of space flight, I am competing in the Inspiration4 contest. You can see a two-minute video of me throwing my hat in the ring here:Inspiration4 contest.”