Boeing Selects Dukane Seacom Distress Tracking ELT DK-406-DT

Dukane Seacom has been selected by Boeing to supply their DK-406-DT Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) to support the new Global Aeronautical Distress & Safety System (GADSS) regulations that go into effect in January 2023. The DK-406-DT is the latest in the AeroELTTM family of products designed and manufactured by Dukane Seacom in their Sarasota, FL. world headquarters.

Dukane Seacom’s AeroELTTM product family consist of integrated ELT solutions designed and tested to the current and future requirements for worldwide ELT operations. With focus on safety and high reliability, the AeroELTTM product family provides improvements in automatic triggering as well as meeting DO-227A compliance for containment of a lithium battery thermal runaway event. They utilize multi-axis MEMS technology to automatically detect impact, improving trigger reliability over traditional “G-Switch” triggers. A self-contained GNSS receiver further enhances the ability of search and rescue to quickly locate an aircraft in distress worldwide.

The newest addition to the product family, the DK-406-DT, is capable of being triggered in-flight to alert Search and Rescue of an emergency prior to an accident. Dukane Seacom’s ELT-DT provides highly configurable interfaces to ensure compatibility with a large range of aircraft types and avionics systems. A specialized battery and power management system allow the DK-406-DT to operate in temperatures down to -40°C, providing a complete Class 1 compliant ELT solution. The DK-406-DT combines the features of a Distress Tracking and Automatic Fixed (AF) ELT, allowing customers to meet requirements for their aircraft to contain a fixed ELT and GADSS compliance with a single transmitter that is fully-compliant with current and Second Generation Beacon (SGB) requirements.

“Dukane Seacom is delighted to have been chosen by Boeing for this important new safety system for their commercial aircraft.” said Anish Patel, president of Dukane Seacom. “Their selection supports the technical excellence that Dukane Seacom brings to aircraft safety systems and reinforces the capabilities of our ELT product family.”

Dukane Seacom designs and manufactures ELTs for the Air Transport and Business & Regional aircraft market. In addition to the DK-406-AF product line, Dukane Seacom has produced more than 5,000 private-labeled Automatic Fixed, Survival, and Portable ELTs with installations across the aviation market.