Boomi’s Data Integration Platform Offers Next-Level Connectivity to IFS’s Customers with 200 Pre-Built Connectors

Boomi’s Data Integration Platform Offers Next-Level Connectivity to IFS’s Customers with 200 Pre-Built Connectors

IFS announced a new partnership with Boomi. The two say the resulting technology stack combines best-in-class enterprise resource management (ERP), enterprise asset management (EAM) and field service management (FSM) into a ‘digital switchboard’ that unites industrial process expertise with cloud agility. The IFS team says industries such as manufacturing, aerospace & defense, engineering, construction & infrastructure, energy & utilities, and service management now digitize their processes, they need to connect silos of information, increasingly held in the cloud. This requires increasingly agile ways to connect, disconnect and reconnect large and fast-changing pools of data. Boomi was conceived to solve just these issues.

“By adopting ‘switchboard thinking’, where all business-critical applications are connected by one central point, organizations can speed up supply chains, improve service responses and compete globally like never before,” said Sakari Jorma, senior vice president of IFS. “Businesses across all industries—from aerospace and defense to power generation—will be able to connect their best-of-breed systems to their IFS core through Boomi’s unified, cloud-native platform. The partnership reaffirms IFS’s commitment to offering customers choice and freedom to leverage their existing digital property to achieve faster time to value.”

This new partnership means IFS customers can now access a “digital switchboard” integrating the deep functionality of IFS Applications with the dozens of others required to run HR, Finance and other functions of their choice today. Boomi brings over 200 pre-built connectors configured easily via an ultra-modern real-time drag-and-drop interface. IFS says their customers will now be able to build integrations faster, typically reducing the time spent on development by weeks or months, “an unheard-of step-change for many legacy industries,” the company says.

“The strength of this partnership is in the different expertise IFS and Boomi bring,” says Derek Thompson, VP of EMEA at Boomi. “The loyal customer base of IFS deserves the most intelligent, scalable and flexible platform and Boomi is honored to be chosen as the foundation for the ERP solution of the future.”

IFS Chief Product Officer Christian Pedersen concluded, “As one component in our customers’ ecosystem of solutions, technologies, and data, we fully understand the need to offer complete openness and freedom of choice. By partnering with Boomi, we are taking the next logical step to empower businesses with out-of-the-box connectivity to the digital switchboard from our already open and natively API-enabled platform.”