Stelae Partners with umlaut to Offer Automated Document Transformation Platform for MROs, Aerospace and Defense OEMs

While sensor/IOT data streams have been processed and analyzed, 90% of data in the industry in still in the form of paper or at best PDFs. This ‘dark data’ needs to be unlocked and utilized for predictive maintenance and analytics solutions enabling comprehensive results. Or even quite simply to create interactive manuals (IETM), reducing the use of paper and making them viewable on handheld devices.

Forty percent of MROs are still using Excel and manual copy/paste workflows from source documents like Service Repair Manuals (SRM), Service Bulletins (SB), and Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMM) etc to create Engineering Orders compliant with regulators, the companies stress.

Covid 19 has highlighted the short-term crucial need to significantly reduce paper based work-flows to increase productivity and turn-around times due to reduction in maintenance crews and some of them working on shifts to maintain distancing norms. MROs need to accelerate their digitalization solutions for the longer term by implementing Predictive Maintenance and Analytics solutions to speed up their MRO processes.

Stelae Technologies’ software, Khemeia, addresses this problem, transforming documents (PDF, Word, RTF) into structured, searchable, analyzable and reusable outputs, compliant with Aerospace standards like S1000D for Technical Documents, S2000M for Materials Management, DITA, Json and customer defined Data Schemas. The documents types cover the entire spectrum from Task Cards, Panel Lists SRM, SB, AMM, CMM and Illustrated Product Catalogues.

Currently a manual or semi-automated process using scripts like Python, Khemeia can bring scale and efficiency to this process.

Khemeia will be integrated into umlaut’s Digital Transformation solutions which finds extensive business applications for Aerospace and Defense OEMs and MRO service providers.

“umlaut is enabling global OEMs accelerate their digital transformation,” said Dr. Ashish Mishra, CEO, umlaut. “We have built a suite of digitalization products and solutions to improve the operational efficiency and deliver positive business impact. Bringing Khemei as part of our solution will significantly benefit our customers in MRO sector.”

Aruna Schwarz, CEO & Co-Founder of Stelae Technologies added that, “We have been one of the pioneers in this space, working with companies since 2012 in the Avionics and Defense sector, to transform technical publications to S1000D– creating an automated, scalable and cost-effective solution to transform large data volumes. This is the essential first step in order to create Digital Maintenance solutions for the Aerospace and Defense MROs.”

Universal Offers Support Solution with Remote InSight Software Update

Universal Avionics (UA) announced the successful on-wing update of an InSight Display System’s core software via remote connection to an aircraft located 6,000 miles away in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Working with Authorized Dealer, Redimec S.R.L., UA successfully updated the Hawker 800XP’s three InSight EFI-1040 Displays, dual Touch EFIS Control Display Units (ECDU), and dual Alphanumeric Keyboards (ANK) from its Tucson, Arizona, location. The aircraft was updated by making a remote connection to a Redimec laptop, which was connected to the maintenance port of a Data Concentrator Unit (DCU) II mounted on the aircraft. 

“As a company, we always look for innovative capabilities and solutions to support our dealers and end customers,” said Dror Yahav, UA CEO. “Remote connection is an unprecedented use of technology that allows us to instantly sync, troubleshoot, diagnose, and configure systems while they are installed in an aircraft,” he added. “This is a unique solution to the challenging times we’re currently faced with due to COVID-19, where travel is difficult or not at all possible. By utilizing remote access tools, we can increase aircraft readiness and reduce aircraft downtime.”  

Universal says the successful completion of the remote connection presents numerous possibilities for its Authorized Dealers/Integrators, and end customers, as it allows system configuration and software updates to be carried out remotely by UA’s field service engineers when it is impossible or impractical to travel to the aircraft. In this case, the company says the effort saved 10 or more days of aircraft downtime that would have resulted from the dealer needing to ship the equipment from Argentina to UA’s Repair Station in Tucson, and for UA to ship the equipment back for final installation. Moving forward, this system enables UA to remotely assist its customers with virtual diagnostic and troubleshooting of InSight.

CHI Aviation Embarks on Group-Wide Digital Transformation with Ramco

Global Enterprise software specialist, Ramco Systems announced that it will implement its Aviation M&E MRO Suite v5.8 for America’s leading Heli Operator and MRO provider, CHI Aviatio and its four operating and three asset-holding entities in the U.S. Ramco says their business partner, ROTA Technology, played a key role in the win and will be managing the implementation on behalf of CHI.

Ramco says with the contract, combined with existing clients, they will help manage the largest number of the civilian version of Chinooks (CH-47s), in the U.S.

Headquartered in Howell, Mich., and part of the Heligroup Inc., CHI Aviation and its operating companies provide services such as firefighting, heavy lifting, helicopter emergency medical services (EMS), search and rescue, Department of Defense (DoD), utility work, HVAC, construction, fire helicopter, aircraft, military, defense, ski lift and long-line. Ramco’s Aviation Suite will provide in-depth process to enhance CHI Aviation’s handling of complex helicopter operations for commercial and defense as well as manufacturing and MRO operations.

Ramco will implement its complete aviation software including modules for maintenance, supply chain management, safety & quality, flight operations, MRO sales, manufacturing, and finance. In addition, CHI Aviation will benefit from unified dashboards, mobility and offline capability giving real-time updates across multiple locations to all the users while ensuring holistic view of the activities.

Ramco says their integrated software is backed by next-gen technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning which will provide CHI Aviation with end-to-end visibility across entire operations while ensuring security and regulatory compliance across all organisational units. The software will also facilitate the use of electronic signatures with dual authentication to achieve paperless operations.

The software will automatically integrate with other functional areas and systems, with no manual intervention required to ensure process completion, making the process more efficient and less time-consuming.

“We are pleased to have chosen Ramco because of its exceptional track record in the heli and defense space followed by its ability to provide complete operational visibility in real-time,” Christopher Turner, president, Construction Helicopters Inc., said. “We are confident that this software will keep up with our rapid expansion plan and address our business challenges by significantly improving our operational efficiency.”

James Cornelius, president, ROTA Technology, Inc, added, “We assessed a multitude of systems on behalf of CHI in an unprecedented time and ultimately RAMCO met all the requirements. ROTA continues to provide value to small and large operators across the world by leading and facilitating major implementations, upgrades, and support.”

Virender Aggarwal, CEO, Ramco Systems, said, “We are elated to secure yet another order win in the Heli segment in the U.S., underscoring our track record in this space. Our Aviation ERP, infused with the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, has created great value for the leading companies in this segment. This deal has also opened yet another burgeoning segment – Drones and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for Ramco which is gaining traction in both the commercial and defense spaces.”

Airborne and JETCAM Collaborate on Creating a Digital Interface for Automated Kitting

JETCAM International and Airborne jointly announce a collaboration on integration between the Airborne’s Automated Kitting solution and JETCAM’s CrossTrack composite material tracking software.

The two say the integration ensures seamless data exchanges between the systems as plies are unloaded from the cutting table and then automatically sorted into ordered kits by the Airborne’s kitting system. As the operator loads each ply to the kitting machine it is scanned and its shape identified, along with its stacking order. The robot sorts, sequences and stacks all subsequent plies until the kit is complete, automatically updating its status within CrossTrack without any user input. When the completed kit leaves the buffer its location status is updated, completely automating the process from cutting through to moving onto layup.

CrossTrack is an advanced material tracking software package, that ensures that composite materials are tracked from the freezer storage until curing in the autoclave, on an individual ply basis. By connecting the Automated Kitting software to CrossTrack it is ensured that this fully automated step is also fully digitally connected. The interface is based on CrossTrack Web Services platform, which allows any external app to safely and securely exchange data with CrossTrack, with triggers and alerts also ensuring that data is automatically exchanged when an event occurs, such as a ply’s location or status changing. All transactions will be logged automatically in CrossTrack’s traceability logs.

The connector will be available as an option for companies wanting to connect Airborne’s Automated Kitting solution with JETCAM’s CrossTrack composite software.

“Many companies move from producing static single kit nests to using nesting software that produces highly efficient dynamic nests, often containing multiple kits,” said Martin Bailey, GM of JETCAM Internationa. “However, this leads to bottlenecks at the cutter as staff try to unload and sort plies into kits, often removing some or all of the material savings made. With our relationship with Airborne and their kitting technology and experience, companies can have the best of both worlds, with highly optimized nests that are quickly and automatically sorted.”

Arno van Mourik, CEO of Airborne added: ”We see from our clients that automating the kitting process has two main business drivers: one is to reduce cost and secondly, it creates much more flexibility and control in a digital factory. To capture those benefits, it’s crucial to be connected to the software systems our customers are using. Therefore we are thankful to JETCAM for this collaboration to create the digital connection between the software solutions of both companies.”

Iberia Maintenance Selects Ramco

Software specialist Ramco Systems announced that it will implement its aviation software, Ramco Aviation M&E MRO Suite for Iberia Maintenance (Iberia MRO), an MRO service provider in IAG Group.

Ramco Aviation Software will replace multiple systems to unify operations across airframe maintenance, engine shops, component shops & supply chain. In addition, Iberia Maintenance would also benefit from digital enablers such as Mobility via AnywhereApps, HUBs, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Dashboards and integration to ecosystem offerings powered by Ramco.

The technology transformation program will enable Iberia Maintenance to future-proof its business growth while offering simplified user experience driving better user adoption, increase process automation and self-service, among others.

Implementing this new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) brings four important advantages for Iberia MRO: first, maximum mobility in accessing documentation and assigning maintenance tasks online, among others; second, information and real-time update of the work carried out on the Aircraft; third, the reliability and agility of having a single source of information for Iberia MRO production management system and, finally, a much more sustainable and efficient paperless solution, as Ramco Aviation ERP eliminates printing and scanning for tasks to be performed.

This new ERP developed by Ramco will be used by more than 3,000 Iberia maintenance personnel. A 50 people team will work in its implementation project.

“We were looking for a best of breed Aviation MRO Software that caters to our different business lines. Ramco Aviation were the standout option which offers comprehensive MRO-specific functionality all in a unified offering as an out of the box solution. We are confident, the digital transformation program with Ramco will help us bring major benefits to our customers through operational efficiencies, reduced maintenance TAT, simplified processes and improved productivity,” Andy Best, chief technical officer, Iberia Maintenance, said. “Also, as an organization, we strongly believe in investing in the latest technology and innovation to help deliver superior and differentiated services to customers. Our partnership with Ramco will help us stay ahead on the Innovation front. Together, we look forward to delivering this game changing technology.”

Virender Aggarwal, CEO, Ramco Systems, added, “We are excited to partner with Iberia Maintenance to help them achieve great heights in the market. Our laser sharp focus in building deep MRO specific functionality coupled with latest technological tools has helped us win the trust of global majors. The pandemic has driven many large businesses to speed up their digital transformation agenda. We are keen to support Iberia Maintenance with our best-in-class mobility, chatbots and AI capabilities to achieve business growth. We look forward to a long and successful journey with them.”


Aerospace Tech Week Helps fill the gap

Aerospace Tech Week 2021 helps fill the gap

OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: AEROSPACE TECH WEEK 2021 dates MOVE to 23rd-24th June 2021 to fill the gap after the 2021 PARIS AIR SHOW is cancelled.  

Unfortunately, there will be no Paris Air Show to look forward to in 2021, due to the pandemic, but the niche Toulouse based event, AEROSPACE TECH WEEK, is still planning to go ahead but NOW moving dates from 26th-27th May to 23rd-24th June 2021 in order to plug the gap.

Moving AEROSPACE TECH WEEK forward a month gives valuable extra time for the vaccines to be rolled out across the world, and the organisers also believe that by 23rd-24th June 2021 there should be a greater chance for increased air travel to resume, although the organisers still have alternative back up dates in November 2021, just in case.

The move to the cancelled 2021 Paris Air Show dates will enable the aerospace industry to continue with some of its scheduled JUNE event activity and announcements. The industry also desperately needs an in person (face to face) event to help start the recovery and therefore AEROSPACE TECH WEEK is likely to be one of the first major aerospace events to take place in over 18 months.

Whilst AEROSPACE TECH WEEK might not have the flying displays that the Paris Air Show has it does deliver on vital B2B networking opportunities for the civil aviation, aerospace and defence sectors, via its six main events under one roof covering; Avionics, Connectivity, Flight Ops IT, MRO IT, Testing and FACE.  

AEROSPACE TECH WEEK is fast becoming established as the “go to” event for airlines, OEMs, MROs and aerospace and defence suppliers as it alternates between the large aerospace regional clusters of Munich and Toulouse, with AIRBUS being its platinum sponsor.

AEROSPACE TECH REVIEW magazine and AEROSPACE TECH WEEK are in an ideal position to help aid with the industry recovery and to move it forward.

For more details on the Exhibition Halls, 6x ConferencesCertified Training, Workshops and the networking receptions please visit:

The show registration opens in January 2021 but if you are intersted in seeing how they can FILL THE GAP in your 2021 trade show plans please contact Adrian Broadbent

Waygate Technologies Announces Relaunch of Industrial Inspection Ecosystem InspectionWorks

Waygate Technologies, an industrial inspection solutions and non-destructive testing (NDT) provider, has released a completely revised and extended version of its flagship ecosystem for inspection data management, InspectionWorks. The upgrade includes an easy-to-use and customer-centric user interface and user experience design as well as new features including fleet management, remote monitoring diagnostics, inspection data storage and advanced analytics.

The company says this release marks an important milestone for them in its commitment to offer an integrated software ecosystem for inspection management. InspectionWorks covers all activities from the planning and dispositioning of devices, to the collection, analysis and storage of data with one single platform. Users can thereby handle their inspection management holistically, improving design, manufacturing, operations and later servicing of their products. This increases productivity and reliability and lifts inspection from a necessary control step to a valuable service. InspectionWorks is compatible both with Waygate Technologies hardware solutions and third party products.

“Predictive maintenance and operational intelligence rely on analytics, automated defect recognition or deep learning on both inspection and/or machine data. They enable our customers to predict issues before they arise by harnessing histrocial data and give actionable insights to make better and faster decisions. For us, this is the future of industrial inspection,” says Arungalai Anbarasu, CTO at Waygate Technologies. “It is an area where we excel because we can  combine the enormous amount of inspection data we collected during the last decades with insights that only a company like Waygate Technologies can reliably provide.”

Boeing Digital Services to Optimize Planning and Operations for Frontier Airlines Through New 10-year Agreement

Boeing announced a new 10-year agreement with North American carrier Frontier Airlines to implement a range of crew, flight-planning and operations tools to enhance efficiency for the airline.

These digital solutions from Boeing’s Jeppesen product range provide fleet-wide cost savings across regional and international routes, enhance airline crew-planning processes and increase operational reliability.

“We are fully confident that these robust Jeppesen flight-planning and operational tools will bring tremendous benefit to Frontier’s operations from day one following implementation,” said Brad Lambert, vice president of Flight Operations for Frontier Airlines. “From maintenance and operational planning to day-of and irregular operations, the Jeppesen automation and crew-management tools will complement our low-cost business model while contributing to our system reliability and efficiency.”

In addition to its digital navigation and charting services from Boeing, Frontier Airlines will use a new Jeppesen digital solutions suite that provides day-of-operations decision-support tools, including:

  • Flight-planning and scheduling services to enhance flight operations and enable on-time departures and efficient routing
  • Crew management, tail assignment and operations-control tools that optimize schedules and aircraft utilization in the short- and long-term planning horizon, including day-of-operation issue detection and schedule recovery to minimize issues due to unexpected events

“As commercial aviation emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, Frontier Airlines is poised to continue its exceptional growth, utilizing Boeing’s analytics-powered tools to maximize performance and reduce costs during this critical moment for our industry,” said Ted Colbert, president and CEO of Boeing Global Services. “This is a great example of our partnership with customers like Frontier to turn Boeing’s unparalleled digital expertise into operational bottom-line advantages.”

ATP and Epic Partner

ATP and Epic Aircraft, announced a new partnership for maintenance tracking and technical publication distribution. Epic Aircraft will utilize ATP’s Flightdocs for maintenance tracking and electronic logbooks across their fleet of E1000 GX aircraft, and will leverage the ATP Aviation Hub to distribute technical publications, including maintenance manuals, wiring diagrams, and IPCs. 
“The E1000 GX is an aircraft where performance, function, and form are the cornerstone of our pilot-driven design process. ATP embodies this same commitment with their suite of aviation solutions,” said Epic CEO, Doug King. “Our commitment to our operators includes ensuring that we have partnerships in place that enhance the customer experience and ensure maximum operational efficiencies, reliability, and value.”

“We’re very excited to partner with the team at Epic Aircraft,” explained ATP Chief Strategy Officer, Greg Heine. “Our product suite delivers a unique set of capabilities to aircraft owners, operators, and OEMs. We’re giving real-time, paperless access to the data and publications they need every day, right from their phone or iPad.” 

The E1000 GX, powered by the Pratt & Whitney 1200-HP PT6A-67A engine and the Hartzell 5-blade composite propeller, cruises at over 330 knots, climbs at 4,000 feet per minute, offers a full-fuel payload of 1,100 pounds, operates up to 34,000 feet, and travels coast to coast with one fuel stop. It is equipped with the Garmin GFC 700 Automated Flight Control System.

All E1000 GX aircraft will come with subscriptions to the fully integrated Flightdocs and the ATP Aviation Hub platforms. This company says the integration gives “users “one-click’ access to their Epic Aircraft technical publications and regulatory content without needing to leave their maintenance tracking platform.” The ATP Aviation Hub also provides Pratt & Whitney engine and Hartzell Propeller content as part of its comprehensive aircraft library.

Wizz Air Sign Deal for Fleet View

Wizz Air signed the contract with CrossConsense concerning the implementation of Aircraft Fleet View. Aircraft Fleet View is a Progressive Web App that gives the user an always up-to-date view on the airline’s fleet status. It indicates AOGs, delays and other important information. It provides the right level of detail to be useful but not crowded with information. At Wizz Air, Aircraft Fleet View will be used by pilots as well as by the management. It is meant for everyone who wants to get a general overview over the status of the fleet. Users who do not have the time or the knowledge to dive deeply into the MRO backend system will be presented with the most important information regarding a single aircraft, a range of aircraft or the whole fleet.

“We decided to implement Aircraft Fleet View to allow our teams, in particular Flight Crew to always have the latest status and condition of the Aircraft prior any flight allowing a better preparation,” Diogo Reu, senior manager digital maintenance and partners management at Wizz says. “The app also allows our Operations Control Center to be always aware of any new technical or operational constrain raised due to technical issues with the Aircraft with live information. Furthermore, the App provides a live status of our fleet which can be checked at any time by the team for a full overview of the Aircraft condition.”

Heiko Holm, chief operations officer at Wizz adds, “We are happy to extend our cooperation with CrossConsense keeping the focus of becoming one of the greenest Airlines in Europe aiming at a full paperless operation and we see the Fleet App as one more step in that direction.”


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