Air Europa Implements TRAX eMRO and eMobility

Air Europa Lineas Aéreas (AE) – known for their modern fleet, breakthrough
technology, and commitment to sustainability — has successfully implemented the TRAX eMRO and eMobility aviation maintenance software. Air Europa mobilized their maintenance workforce by deploying the TRAX solutions that allow them to work from anywhere on their mobile devices. eMRO is a web-based, device-agnostic ERP software that keeps users connected from wherever they work. The eMobility suite of iOS apps is truly mobile due to its off-line capability and automatic synchronization when network connectivity is available.

For Air Europa, the implementation of TRAX eMRO and eMobility software is a milestone in its aircraft maintenance transformation plan. With its activation, Air Europa becomes the first Spanish airline to have its entire maintenance management system digitalized, which places it at the forefront in the
efficiency of processes and complete control of the maintenance of the aircraft that make up the fleet.

Pedro Macías, Air Europa’s maintenance director, thanked TRAX for all the help and support received during the implementation of its software, which, as he explains, has resulted in a radical change in the conception and execution of all maintenance activities, having a positive impact on all of them, both purely operational (planning, execution of tasks, management of the supply chain, etc.) and financial, relating to cost control. In this way, Macías adds, “our basic management pillars, which are quality and safety, cost control, punctuality in our work, continuous improvement and innovation, are totally reinforced.”

The implementation of the software, Macías adds, “is part of a continuous improvement process that will undoubtedly have a positive impact on our efficiency and performance and will also involve, among other measures, the gradual incorporation of the latest improvements in predictive maintenance and the availability of real-time information with flight crews.”

Oriental Air Bridge Signs with TRAX eMRO

Nagasaki-based Oriental Air Bridge inked a deal with TRAX to implement the
web-based eMRO system to manage maintenance activities on its fleet of Bombardier Dash 8 aircraft.

The airline operates charter flights throughout southern Japan in addition to scheduled services between Nagasaki and remote islands and between Fukuoka and several destinations. The airline has been flying since 1961 – originally known as Nagasaki Airways – having been renamed as Oriental Air Bridge (ORC) in 2001. “Oriental” was put in the company’s name to signify Nagasaki’s history as the gateway to Japan from China, Korea, and elsewhere, and “Air Bridge” to signify its position as the bridge between Japan’s main island of Kyushu and Nagasaki’s outlying islands.

With Nagasaki Prefecture being home to 51 of the more than 300 inhabited islands of Japan, an airline that provides vital air service connections between the islands and the mainland is essential. In fact, its website slogan is “Connect People, Connect Islands in Nagasaki”. ORC’s former President referred to
the carrier as “a different type of LCC, a local community carrier.”

Implementing the eMRO cloud solution with its leading-edge technology will bring many advantages to ORC. Users can have maximum mobility while accessing required documentation and electronic data, viewing assigned maintenance tasks, receiving real-time updates on planned and completed work, tapping into integrated materials modules, and an overall increase in lowered costs, enhanced
productivity, and efficiency.

OASES Launches New Secure Private Cloud Platform

OASES, a modular software for airworthiness maintenance and control, is now available via OASES Cloud, a secure private cloud platform for existing and new customers alike.
The new software as a service (SaaS) brings the complete portfolio of OASES modules to customers’ devices via the Internet, bringing with it significant performance improvements, an ever-green IT model and, more importantly for companies recovering from the pandemic and the upheaval within the aviation industry, cost savings over the traditional on premises OASES software.
“COVID-19 has accelerated the aviation industry’s move to digital operations” explained Paul Lynch, VP New Business Development “and the next few years will see a significant increase in digitally enabled aircraft which means MROs and CAMO need to be more agile and responsive to expectations of operational efficiencies. In addition, there is now an increased need for fleet agility in response to rapidly changing market conditions; This will see aircraft being re-purposed; both within fleets and between carriers on a more frequent basis.” 

He added “OASES Cloud enables companies of any size to make the entire knowledge base within their organization available to all who need it, without the need to switch from system to system, consult colleagues to verify information, or cross-check against their own schedules.”

The Cloud and Infrastructure team at OASES are rolling out the new service to existing customers on an ongoing basis with the first four going live this month.

JSSI Acquires SierraTrax

Jet Support Services, Inc. (JSSI) has acquired SierraTrax, a provider of aircraft maintenance tracking.

SierraTrax provides maintenance tracking software for business aircraft worldwide through its modern technology interface. As a Textron Aviation recommended provider of maintenance tracking services, the SierraTrax platform is used extensively by Cessna, Beechcraft and Hawker operators. The company supports most turboprop, light and midsize aircraft, but will now focus on extending the service into the super-mid and large-cabin segments, to align with JSSI’s coverage of virtually every make and model of business jet, turboprop and helicopter.

“The SierraTrax team has done an incredible job establishing a leadership position in a crowded maintenance tracking space in just five short years,” said Neil Book, chairman and CEO of JSSI. “Their remarkable rate of growth has been fueled by great technology, an easy-to-use interface and a commitment to customer service, innovation and data transparency.”

“We started SierraTrax to provide a modern maintenance tracking solution at an affordable price. We share a common value system with JSSI centered around exceptional customer service. Together, we will take the business to the next level and extend our offerings to a broader customer base bringing modern, accessible technology and pricing to operators worldwide,” added Jason Talley, CEO of SierraTrax.

JSSI supports more than 10% of the world’s business jets on its Hourly Cost Maintenance Programs and oversees more than 10,000 maintenance events per year. The company also provides parts, engines and APUs to hundreds of operators across all makes and models through their JSSI Parts & Leasing business. This strategic move into the maintenance tracking space will blend insight from SierraTrax with more than 30 years of JSSI operating cost data and complement the company’s existing portfolio, which also includes JSSI Advisory Services and Conklin & de Decker.

“This exciting new partnership will enable the JSSI platform to deliver a full suite of highly complementary services to the market that will simplify and optimize the entire maintenance experience, allowing owners and operators to manage their aircraft more efficiently,” concluded Book.

American Cancels Hundreds of Flights Over Father’s Day Weekend

American Airlines cancelled hundreds of flights due to several factors including maintenance, staffing shortages and employees out sick. Around 300 flights were cancelled during the weekend with more expected today, Monday, June 21, 2021. The airline said it may continue to adjust the schedules and cancel dozens of flights throughout the summer.

American released a statement saying: “We made targeted changes with the goal of impacting the fewest number of customers by adjusting flights in markets where we have multiple options for re-accommodation.”

A surge in travel amid COVID vaccination success has together led to similar dilemmas for most airlines. After offering incentive packages for employees to retire early and many taking the early out as well as layoffs and furloughs, it is taking some time to adjust the staffing needs of the return of travelers.

Southwest Airlines also cancelled numerous flights after experiencing network connectivity problems earlier this month. The airlines attributed their cancellations to the ripple effect of that event.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is also reporting staffing shortages and asking some current employees to volunteer for positions such as onboarding new employees.

Bristow Group Selects Ramco

Aviation software provider Ramco Systems announced it will implement its Aviation M&E MRO Software V5.8 to help digitally transform the maintenance and engineering operations of Houston-based Bristow Group Inc. Bristow is among the world’s largest helicopter operators providing offshore transportation, search and rescue (SAR) and aircraft support services to government and civil organizations worldwide.

Ramco shares a decade-long relationship with Era Group (Era). Bristow’s merger with Era makes them the largest civilian offshore, SAR solution provider and the largest operator of helicopter models S92, AW189, and AW139. Ramco will deploy its aviation software to track inventory and manage maintenance, engineering and operations on a single integrated platform.

Compliant with global regulatory standards, the multi-country roll-out of Ramco Aviation says their software will help Bristow comply with multiple regulatory bodies, will provide cost savings while increasing efficiency and reducing potential for human error, as well as helping them achieve their goal of paperless engineering and operations.

Bristow’s staff will also be able to interact with the solution on Ramco’s mobile application, Ramco AnywhereApps and operational Electronic Flight Bag features, which will enable them to manage their operations and receive alerts on the go, enabling greater flexibility and quicker response time. Bristow will also be able to create a collaborative network of suppliers with real-time visibility and seamless performance tracking, thereby helping them improve their power by the hour (PBH) and consignment tracking abilities.

Ramco also says the implementation of their software will enable Bristow to achieve smart inventory, maintenance management and streamline organization-wide warranty tracking processes. The seamless integration of the solution with Bristow’s financial application will help the company achieve on-time billing and financial closure.

“When Bristow and Era merged, we had a decision to make on the go-forward software,” Stuart Stavley, senior vice president, Global Fleet Management, Bristow Group Inc., said. “Era shared a decade-long partnership and has been pleased with Ramco’s robust compliance and inventory management solutions. Our experience with Ramco’s proven global solutions was key in our selection. We look forward to our journey with Ramco.”

Virender Aggarwal, CEO, Ramco Systems, said, “Our partnership with Bristow underscores Ramco’s track record as a leading software provider for the rotor wing segment. By harnessing the innovative features of our software, we are confident Bristow will be able to optimise its operational efficiency and accelerate its digital transformation strategy.”



Iraqi Airways Chooses Ramco’s MRO Software

Global Aviation software specialist Ramco Systems announced that it will implement its aviation software, Ramco Aviation M&E MRO Software V5.8 at Iraq’s national carrier, Iraqi Airways Company.

Ramco will implement its complete Aviation Software including modules for Maintenance & Engineering (M&E), CAMO, Materials Management and Quality & Safety. The cloud-based software will automate the operations of the Iraqi national carrier, manage complete records of its aircraft, and enable the airway’s staff to manage their operations and receive alerts on the go through its Mobility module, providing greater flexibility, optimized aircraft availability and reduced friction. Ramco Aviation Software will also be integrated with enhanced inventory tracking and stock visibility capabilities enabling better resource management, unified employee records, and control operations end to end, on a single platform.

“We were seeking a best-in-class Aviation ERP software that would deliver quality results and help us embark on a digital transformation journey. We are happy to partner with Ramco as our technology partner in this journey.,” said Captain Kifah Hasan Jabbar, CEO, Iraqi Airways Company. “As the world slowly recovers from the pandemic and air travel returns, it is vital for airlines to adapt and prepare to serve customers with a robust digital infrastructure. We are excited to be working with Ramco in building such a platform at Iraqi Airways.”

Virender Aggarwal, CEO, Ramco Systems, said, “We are happy to partner with Iraqi Airways to digitally transform their business. Infused with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities, our Aviation ERP has gained the trust of leading operators in the industry. We look forward to working with Iraqi Airways to reduce inefficiencies and future-proof their operations through our innovative features.”

Bluetail Celebrates First Anniversary with Introduction of Business/GA MACH Search Capability

Bluetail, Inc., announced that the company is celebrating its first anniversary with the introduction of its newest and most powerful digital records search and automation tool, MACH Search.

“A year ago, we marked the anniversary of Charles Lindbergh’s flight across the Atlantic by launching Bluetail. By making it easy and affordable to digitize aircraft records, we set out to revolutionize the way business and general aviation (B&GA), aircraft owner/operators organized, shared, and protected valuable records,” says Stuart Illian, Bluetail co-founder. “Today, I’m very happy to say that in the past 12-months, even with COVID restrictions, and other challenges, we’ve exceeded our original goals.”

“With the introduction of our revolutionary MACH Search capability, we are taking a major leap forward in bringing the most advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) machine-learning capabilities into the world of business and private aviation,” adds Roberto Guerrieri, Bluetail co-founder. “Building on our cloud-native AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform, MACH Search enables true ‘rocket science’ level business process automation, sorting, storing, and searching. Bluetail’s MACH Search now makes record-keeping the easiest part of your aircraft operations.”

Guerrieri explained that MACH Search is the culmination of input from a long list of the company’s customer base, including Fortune 500 flight departments, Part 135 charter operators, individual owners, aircraft brokers, and flight schools.

“To ensure that MACH Search would be live upon launch for our customers, we ran their records in parallel to the technology’s development,” he added. “To date, we’ve run over 1,000,000 client records through the MACH machine learning code.”

About Bluetail MACH Search:

• MACH Search combines document workflow with auto-OCR machine learning to streamline the ingestion, organization, and search of detailed aircraft operations and maintenance records.

• MACH Search recognizes handwriting and lets you search by A&P signature or inspector sign-offs.

• MACH Search lets you easily upload records from your phone, tablet, or computer.

• MACH Search lets you search all of the digital records by numbers, text, or form.

• MACH Search lets you save your search criteria as a new search profile.

• MACH Search features are based on the most advanced enterprise security protocols.

FLYHT Signs Waltzing Matilda Aviation’s New Brand, Connect Airlines

FLYHT Aerospace Solutions announced a multi-year contract with U.S. charter operator Waltzing Matilda Aviation for its new scheduled air carrier branded, Connect Airlines.

Under the terms of the five-year agreement, FLYHT will install AFIRS and Actionable Intelligence (“AI”) services on Connect Airlines’ entire fleet of DHC-8-Q400 turboprop aircraft. FLYHT’s Actionable Intelligence solution includes voice and text communications, engine and airframe exceedances, situational display as well as automatic movement messages in the initial installation. Future AI services are expected to include fuel management, turn and airport apron operations, integrated flight plan and emissions tracking, as well as features currently under development with other AI launch customers. The initial installs will commence within 45 days and will be part of the certification of the new airline brand. The contract is expected to generate revenue of approximately $1.0 million to FLYHT, provided that all services are delivered over the 5-year term of the agreement.

“We are excited to begin a new relationship with Waltzing Matilda for their new brand, Connect Airlines,” Bill Tempany, CEO of FLYHT, said. “As a provider of critical infrastructure for communications and operational insights for Connect Airlines, we are committed to providing the products and services needed to support their launch and subsequent business growth for years to come. It is also great to be part of the unfolding recovery of aviation in North America.”

David Marcontell, COO of Connect Airlines, said, “After an exhaustive review of alternatives, we chose FLYHT because it provided our flight crew and operations team the technology, data, and analytics to operate a highly efficient and reliable airline, right out of the box. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with FLYHT as we connect our guests to family, friends and colleagues with the highest standards of air transportation service and reliability.”

Connect Airlines, a new airline commencing operations in October 2021, will offer convenient service ideal for the day-tripping US business traveler direct into Toronto’s downtown Billy Bishop airport.

U.S. Navy Selects Lockheed Martin and IFS to Deliver Intelligent Ship and Aircraft Maintenance

The U.S. Navy is working with Lockheed Martin and enterprise applications company IFS to deliver an intelligent maintenance solution that they hope will help power its digital transformation of multiple legacy systems into a single, fully modernized and responsive logistics information system. The solution will ensure personnel spend more time focused on the mission and less on aircraft and ship repairs.

The IFS solution comprises capabilities for planning and executing maintenance, repair, and overhaul of more than 3,000 assets including aircraft, ships, and land-based equipment. The Naval Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (N-MRO) solution combines artificial intelligence (AI), digital twin capabilities and predictive analytics to anticipate and react to potential equipment failures before they happen, which will contribute to the enhanced support of maintenance, supply logistics, real-time fleet management and other business functions for more than 200,000 sailors.

Following a comprehensive and competitive evaluation process, the U.S. Navy selected Lockheed Martin together with IFS’s acclaimed industry-specific functionality already used by some of the world’s largest aerospace and defense (A&D) organizations. With the added support of software developer Beast Code, the solution will initially be fielded at multiple U.S. Navy sites to help sailors and Marine Corps maintainers break down operational silos and work towards a common maintenance workflow across all ship and aircraft platforms.

The digital transformation of the U.S. Navy’s maintenance systems will see a consolidation of assets and parts data in a central repository visualized to the users through an intuitive, mobile-friendly experience. This initiative will lead to increased data accuracy, streamlined workflows and ultimately less asset downtime and fewer unscheduled maintenance events. Enabling Total Asset Readiness through N-MRO will ensure information is always readily available to help the U.S. Navy achieve its desired materiel readiness and operational availability objectives. For instance, Navy personnel will be empowered to document faults, request parts, and report work completion at the point of maintenance, thereby reducing asset downtime while increasing data accuracy as an enabler of enhanced planning and procurement.

“Our goal is to provide capabilities that create real value across the Navy’s complex, multi-site operations and optimize its mission-critical maintenance processes,” said Reeves Valentine, Lockheed Martin vice president of Enterprise Sustainment Solutions. “We want to empower Navy personnel with tools that are easy and effective to use with intuitive interfaces, streamlined workflows and timesaving, intelligent features. IFS distinguished itself by providing all of these capabilities through a single, commercial-off-the-shelf solution.”

Scott Helmer, president, Aerospace & Defense, IFS, added, “We are proud to be part of N-MRO, which will set a new global standard for Total Asset Readiness and the way defense organizations manage asset maintenance and logistics, both ashore and afloat. A&D has been a key focus industry at IFS for decades and this landmark deal stands as testament to the success of our long-term strategy and determination. Working with Lockheed Martin and the U.S. Navy, we are already making great strides and look forward to a long and successful collaboration.”


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