CCX Technologies Expands Cybersecurity Products to British and European Markets

CCX Technologies is expanding its cybersecurity presence into new markets, British and European military and government markets. Alexandre Lovell-Smith has joined the team as a consultant and is taking the lead in the company’s European and British commercialization strategy. 

“As we continue to grow and gain momentum on our Cybersecurity Products, SystemX, we are looking into entering new markets. Alex’s years of experience in government, defence, aviation and business will bring the expertise we need as we approach new segments,” said Chris Bartlett, president and co-founder of CCX Technologies.

“Alex’s time in the Royal Navy and the UK Ministry of Defence makes him a great fit to take on SystemX in Europe. We’re all looking forward to working with him, and it’s a pleasure to have him aboard our team.”

With his education focused on defence, aviation, and political science, Alex has the experience to take on the role. He has spent the last three years as a consultant at Anglesey Associates as the founder and director. 

“I’m looking forward to digging into the technical side of CCX Technologies’ cybersecurity platform SystemX,” said Lovell-Smith. “I’ve spent the last weeks getting to know the U.S. and Canadian team and learning the product line. CCX Technologies addresses the critical need for platform cybersecurity, and I’m enthusiastic about entering the European market.”