China Southern Airlines Will Continue Flight Planning with Lido Flight 4D for Five More Years

Lufthansa Systems and China Southern Airlines have signed an agreement extending the use of its Lido Flight 4D flight planning solution for an additional five years. China’s largest carrier will continue to use the reliable and accurate flight planning solution to achieve maximum operational efficiency, safety, and stability. Given the current global circumstances, airlines now more than ever appreciate the benefits of automated optimization solutions, which result in significant operational cost savings. 

By partnering closely with China Southern Airlines, Lufthansa Systems has optimized its processes to meet the needs of the Chinese aviation market with its unique dynamics, requirements and operational environment. “Based on our long-standing cooperation, our companies together have overcome the challenges currently facing China Southern, and we look forward to continuing to support one of the biggest airlines and market-leading dispatching environments,” said Tom Vandendael, head of Regional Management APAC at Lufthansa Systems. “Crucial to our combined success is the product team with its experts who have an in-depth understanding of the Chinese market and the ecosphere in which we deploy Lido Flight 4D’s superior system capabilities to provide a best-in-class flight planning solution. It is truly by airliners for airliners.”

More than 25% of aircraft worldwide operate with Lido Flight 4D, one of the most efficient and reliable flight planning solutions available. The solution supports dispatchers in evaluating the optimal route, while taking current flight-related data into account. It enables airlines to optimize their flying time, costs, and fuel consumption, resulting in fuel savings of up to 5%. With the implementation of Lido Flight 4D, China Southern Airlines is equipped to respond to the ever-changing demands and optimize its growing operational complexity.