Cinch Connectivity Solutions Introduces EMI Filtered Insert Solutions

Cinch Connectivity Solutions, a Bel group company and global leader in delivering reliable connectivity solutions, introduces Cinch Mil/Aero EMI Filtered Inserts.

In conjunction with Quell Technologies, Cinch now offers quick turn EESeal EMI filtered inserts which can be easily added to standard Cinch Mil-Spec connectors, for a reliable EMI control solution designed to meet your application needs. These Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) inserts are made of high-grade silicon rubber are specially designed to work with standard Cinch Mil-Spec connectors such as M26482, M5015, M83513, M26500 and M24308.

Customers can work directly with Cinch to design custom made inserts for the appropriate Cinch connector model, specifically designed to address their application needs. The EMI Inserts can be designed and delivered within a two-week time frame and are simple to install with no special tools required, providing a complete solution without the long lead times normally required for fully custom EMI filtered connectors.