Commsoft Launches Customs Tracking Module for OASES to Aid Post-Brexit MRO Logistics

Commsoft’s OASES, the leading MRO IT software system for supporting airlines and aircraft maintenance organizations, has introduced a new Customs Tracking module to specifically address challenges faced by MROs and airline operators when transporting parts across customs borders.

The new module provides tracking data for both imports and exports, ensuring demonstrable customs compliance through robust data audit trails. OASES customers can now track materials in transit from supplier/manufacturer source to point of receipt of goods, and from one location to another cross-border location.

“Wherever material or equipment moves from one country to another, the relevant data is captured within OASES and this works for both incoming orders and shipments” explained Paul Lynch, VP New Business Development OASES.“ With the continuing uncertainties of a post-Brexit Europe we feel this is a timely addition to enable our customers to manage the step increase in customs-qualifying shipments they now have to deal with.” 

User-friendly dashboard views provide real-time insight as customs information is captured at the point the shipment clears customs, rather than only on receipt of the goods in the warehouse. By specifying the customs territory against each address, OASES Customs Tracking allows users to view journey progress between warehouses or to and from a supplier, and ensure the relevant customs information is captured.

“The Customs Tracking module is one of the first new developments in OASES that has benefited from the continuously deployed nature of our Cloud-enabled portfolio.  This facilitated rapid agile development between our aviation customer collaborators and the MIT Labs engineers, who provide the developer resource for Commsoft,” Adam Frost, product manager OASES, explained. “We were able to make changes to the UI and UX in real-time which was pushed to all customer’s UAT environments, simultaneously. This is a step-change for OASES and was crucial in delivering this new value feature to our customers with a “no surprises” end game, following the UK’s exit from the EU.”