Companies Using ARCdocs Pass 1,500 Milestone

Now used by more than 1,500 companies and flight departments, ARCdocs from ARC Safety Management is an aviation document management and distribution software and app with read and initial tracking and permissions controls. With ARCdocs, aircraft operators can store aircraft and operations documents of any file type or size, while ensuring that everyone has the most up to date versions. 

The company says their app is easy to navigate and can be used offline, so content is always available. ARCdocs is part of the ARC Safety Management software/app suite, a convenient platform for flight departments to manage their entire Safety Management System (SMS) online. Administrators of ARCdocs can lock files to make them private or to restrict access, thereby adjusting content visibility depending on the user.

Another feature is read and initial tracking, which offers the ability to mark a document as required reading, as well as the ability to track and acknowledge that something has been received and opened. “ARCdocs is included for free with any manual from AviationManuals and is a far better document management tool than other widely used free storage solutions, given functionalities like permissions controls and read and initial tracking,” said ARC Safety Management CEO Mark Baier. “ARCdocs is the only digital distribution software and app that can be delivered with quality content from AviationManuals, our sister company. It can also be bought on its own for only $850,” he added. 

ARCdocs is part of ARC SMS software and app, a scalable SMS platform for flight departments. It complements other ARC modules such as ARCaudit, ARCmetrics, ARCrisk, ARCreport, ARCquiz, ARCsurvey, and more. ARC is fully modular so operators can adapt their SMS to their operation as needed.


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