Cross Consense Touts ACSIS as a Collaborative Workspace Tool for Troubleshooters

CrossConsense software product ACSIS is designed for predictive and preventive maintenance and can support troubleshooters to detect current and predict future problems of aircraft regardless of whether they are in the office or working at home.

The company says ACSIS monitors all systems defects in real-time and analyzes data from pilot and maintenance reports. All the data are processed into graphs so that the problem(s) can be identified at a glance. As soon as a problem recurs, an automatic alert is sent to the responsible person and they can immediately start to further analyze the problem. Following this, AOGs can be avoided because it is possible to visualize the AC/fleet status in a single diagram and recognize if it is a single tail sign or a fleet problem.

With the ACSIS delay probability tool, the probability for a delay due to a certain problem on a specific aircraft to happen during/prior the next flight can be calculated so that maintenance teams can be prepared with tools, materials and personnel before it comes to a delay or even an AOG. It uses sophisticated algorithms which are far more accurate than standard alert levels per ATA and it provides comprehensive reports for engineering and CAA at a click of a button.

ACSIS also now provides a full list of all scheduled and unscheduled component removals for a specific problem “at the click of a button” and collaborative workspace enhancements like fields where engineers and troubleshooters can exchange information.