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Daedalean was founded in 2016 by a team of engineers who earned their marks at companies like Google and SpaceX. Its team includes 20+ software engineers, as well as avionics specialists and pilots. Daedalean works with major eVTOL companies and leading aerospace manufacturers to specify, build, test and certify a fully autonomous sensor and autopilot system that can reliably and completely replace the human pilot. It has developed systems demonstrating crucial capabilities on a path to certification for airworthiness. Currently the company is working with EASA on an Innovation Partnership Contract to develop concepts of design assurance for neural networks.

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DDC-I, Inc.

DDC-I provides DO-178C certifiable software and tools for safety critical avionics. Deos™ is a time and space partitioned RTOS, which has been certified to DO-178 Design Assurance Level A (DAL A) since 1998. Developed from day one using DAL A plans and procedures, Deos features hard real-time response, superior multicore technology, industry standard ARINC653 and FACE Safety Base APIs, and shared resource partitioning to deliver the highest CPU utilization and performance possible in the industry. Additionally, Deos’ innovative SafeMC technology for multicore processors is unmatched, delivering maximum safety-critical performance across multiple cores. Some key advantages of Deos are:

  • DO-178 Certification Artifact Reuse Through Software Modularity (leveraging certification credit from prior certifications)
  • Industry Leading SafeMC™ Technology for Safety Critical Systems on Multicore Processors
  • Time & Space Partitioning (allows mixed levels of criticality running on the same device)
  • Extensive Certification Pedigree (Certified to DAL A Since 1998)
  • Patented Slack Scheduling Technology (allows for full processor utilization)
  • Scalable from Simple LRUs to Complex IMA Systems
  • ARINC-653, Priority Preemptive, and/or Rate Monotonic Scheduling Available
  • Industry Standard Application Programming Interfaces (API’s)ARINC-653 & POSIX

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Dextradata GmbH

Following agile principles, fast and according to individual requirements – this is how we at DextraData develop our software solutions. Our clients benefit from years of experience and the broad spectrum of our portfolio. As an owner-managed IT consulting company and independent software vendor, we have been supporting our clients with IT solutions for 25 years. Our team also brings more than 15 years of experience in the aviation industry.   In 2002, Logipad, an »Electronic Flight Bag« solution developed in-house, was launched. Logipad Electronic Flight Bag is the right choice if you are looking for a highly customizable, flexible, and comprehensive information management solution. The complete solution package focuses on three main areas: Briefing, Documentation, and eForms which support your processes before, during, and after the flight. In addition, it helps you to support and enhance existing business processes. The EFB application with its administrative environment integrates seamlessly into existing IT infrastructures. Logipad provides interoperational functionalities with homogeneous IT infrastructures such as data exchange with third-party server systems as well as data exchange with existing applications on the client side.   Providing efficient process support is our guiding principle and it is important to us to understand the business of our customers and their requirements. For these reasons, we are in regular dialogue with our customers. Our work does not end with the implementation; we accompany our customers beyond it. We continuously ask for feedback and directly optimize our solution according to the individual requirements.

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DynamicSource AB

DynamicSource AB  DynamicSource Performance is the next generation suite of applications for pilots, dispatchers and flight operations engineers for take-off, dispatch landing and time of arrival landing aircraft performance calculations. We have an in-depth knowledge of airline flight operations and advanced system development within EFB and Flight Operations. DynamicSource provides user centric solutions with the high reliability demanded by the aviation industry. We have supplied systems to airlines since 2009, we look forward to partner with you to meet the future demands and challenges of the industry together. The company was founded by people who themselves work in the aviation industry both on the flight deck and in the back office. With the help of a team of talented engineers and programmers they challenged an otherwise conservative industry with innovative and modern solutions.

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