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Safety Line

Paris based Safety Line offers digital solutions that enable airlines and airports to leverage existing data for safer and more efficient operations. The combination of a solid expertise in aviation associated with patented research in data science applications allows Safety Line to offer uniquely innovative and practical solutions, with a focus  on better managing risks and reducing fuel and CO2 emissions.

Products/Services: FLIGHT OPS, MRO IT

SAFRAN Electronics & Defense

Every day, Safran Electronics & Defense helps airlines, operators and Original Equipment Manufacturers by collecting, processing and analysing an increasing amount of flight data. Cassiopée is a twofold offer that combines flight data management software packages and analysis solutions for all types of airplanes and helicopters. Our services enable fuel consumption reduction, maintenance costs optimization and flight safety enhancement.\n\nOur aim? Improve our clients’ operational efficiency by providing an array of services that allow a better understanding of performance of their aircraft and systems.


Scandinavian Avionics

Scandinavian Avionics (SA) is the headquarters of The SA Group and provides complete turn-key avionics solutions for civil and military aircraft, helicopters and UAS. Including sales, avionics maintenance (MRO), certification (STC), design & engineering, installation, product development, production, training and consultancy services. The SA Group consists of 12 divisions located in Europe, the Middle East, South- and Southeast Asia. The headquarters, which was established in 1978, is located in Billund, Denmark. Approvals EASA Part-145 │ EASA Part-21J │ EASA Part-21G │ EASA Part-147 FAA Part-145 │ TCCA Part-145 │ BCAA Part-145 | GAR Part-145 | DOT RIN N083

Products/Services: AVIONICS

Scio Teq

ScioTeq has a 35 year heritage (from Barco to Esterline to ScioTeq) of designing and manufacturing the most innovative solutions for the Avionics, Air Traffic Control and Defence & Security markets. ScioTeq advanced visualization solutions help pilots get the best situational awareness of the aircraft, in most demanding environment. The scalability of ScioTeq products allows aircraft manufacturers and system integrator to provide unique experience to aircraft operators. ScioTeq has been serving the Avionics market for 35 years, being now present on more than 150 aircraft types, both civil and military platforms, both fixed wing and rotor wing, cumulating millions of flight hours. Our deep vizualisation technology heritage combined with a unique independent positioning, allows us to provide to aircraft manufacturers and system integrators the best image quality in a scalable manner, supported by an open system solution (MOSArtTM). Our scalable product portfolio, combined with unique agility allows us to adapt and solve any visualization need. With sales, engineering and manufacturing locations throughout the world, we are able to provide solutions designed to operate in the environments you need them to. ScioTeq, your trusted Partner for Advanced Visualization Solutions used in the World's most Demanding Environments.

Products/Services: AVIONICS

Seabury Solutions

Seabury Solutions is a leading global aviation software development and consultancy company. It was established in 2002 and forms part of the Seabury Capital. Seabury Solutions has built its reputation in the market by delivering world class aviation IT solutions from the smallest operator to the largest airlines across the world. We have built upon our decades of aviation expertise in-house, to leverage this knowledge into a suite of products that enhance the decision-making process for Airlines, Regulators, Defense Airports and MROs. Seabury Solutions Aircraft Maintenance Software, Alkym, is an integrated MRO IT Solution specifically designed for the Management & Control of Aircrafts within Airlines and MROs. Designed for regulatory, compliance, productivity and efficiency, eAuthority is the leading safety oversight software for Civil Aviation Authorities & Airports. Inspired by ICAOEASA and FAA regulations, eAuthority is designed to increase efficiency of internal staff  while giving real-time information to the management on a multi-platform dashboard. The third product within the Seabury Solutions, digital transformation platform is an Enterprise Performance Analysis Tool (EPAS) designed for Route Profitability.  EPAS is used by some of the worlds largest airlines such as American Airlines, Southwest, Delta,  Aero Mexico to name but a few.

Products/Services: FLIGHT OPS, MRO IT


Skayl is a small business providing systems, software and device interoperability solutions for large, complex environments with a need for unsurpassed integration scalability, flexibility, dependability, security and value. Skayl principals have been actively supporting the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACETM) Consortium since 2012.  We have been instrumental in shaping the discussion in the Data Architecture Working Group and are recognized as thought leaders in this realm of data architecture.

Products/Services: FACE

Step Lab

STEP Lab is specialized in the production of test systems for mechanical static, dynamic and impact tests. Our product range is divided into Electrodynamic actuators for dynamic fatigue testing based on ballscrew or linear motor technology, drop weight towers and customized testing systems. All our systems are based on our own developed electronic platform and Test Center software.

Products/Services: AEROSPACE TESTING

Swiss Aviation Soft

AMOS is a comprehensive, fully-integrated software package that successfully manages the maintenance, engineering and logistics requirements of modern airlines and MRO providers by fulfilling demanding airworthiness standards. Swiss AviationSoftware unites more than 30 years of IT experience with profound MRO expertise and offers its customers a functionally unsurpassed and technologically state-of-the art maintenance system. Swiss-AS has succeeded in offering the market a system that meets the fast changing demands of a highly dynamic industry and has attracted more than 180 customers worldwide. The number and size of customers who newly select, or continue to place their trust in AMOS, speaks for itself.

Products/Services: FLIGHT OPS, MRO IT

Sysgo AG

Europe's Number 1 in embedded Operating Systems SYSGO is Europe's leading supplier of real-time operating systems for safety-critical embedded systems. Our software platform PikeOS, an RTOS with hypervisor functionality, enables the secure execution of critical and non-critical applications on the same hardware, thus reducing footprint requirements, hardware costs and energy consumption. PikeOS - Wherever Safety & Security matters PikeOS was developed from scratch for mission-critical projects with certification requirements according to various safety and security standards such as DO-178B/C, IEC 61508, EN 50128, ISO 26262 or IEC 15408 (Common Criteria). Currently, PikeOS provides developers with improved single and multi-core CPU handling (scalability), efficient power and resource management, as well as secure / optimised task handling in processor cores (fine-grained locking). This makes PikeOS the ideal basis for certification projects with high demands on Safety and Security. In terms of Security, PikeOS is currently the only separation kernel certified according to Common Criteria (EAL3+). In addition, PikeOS offers a fully-certified programming interface and thus enables application development according to the principle "Safe & Secure by Design". More information also here: ELinOS - Embedded Linux Development Environment SYSGO will also present ELinOS 7 - an "industrial Linux" - designed to easily realize "out-of-the-box" software projects. ELinOS is SYSGO's own Linux distribution and 100% compatible with PikeOS. The ELinOS kernel provides the latest industrial drivers, connectivity stacks, real-time extensions, support for industrial hardware and a state-of-the-art embedded development environment. Customers receive direct support from SYSGO engineers with extensive experience in industrial applications. Safety & Security is not an Option – it’s an absolute Must! Certification of software according to Safety and/or Security standards is a complex process. SYSGO has the expertise to guide its customers from the first step through the entire development process and prepare them for efficient and successful certification. 80% of SYSGO's engineers have experience with certification projects where customers are supported throughout the certification process. SYSGO's customers are leading players in the fields of Aerospace & Defense, Avionics, Railway, Automotive, Industrial Automation and safety-critical applications in the Internet of Things (IoT). SYSGO has locations in Germany, France, the UK and the Czech Republic and is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013. More information at:

Products/Services: AVIONICS