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Vector Informatik GMBH

Vector Informatik is the leading manufacturer of hardware and software tools for the design and test of embedded electronics and their networking via CAN, Ethernet and AFDX up to ARINC 429. Since 1988 Vector has been a partner of manufacturers and suppliers to the aerospace and automotive industry. Design and test engineers in the aerospace environment benefit from the Vector tools for system, integration and flight testing as well as monitoring and analysis of bus communication. Worldwide customers in the automotive, commercial vehicles, aerospace, transportation, and control technology industries rely on the solutions and products of the independent Vector Group for the development of technologies for future mobility. Vector worldwide currently employs more than 3,000 people with sales of EUR 770 million in 2019. With its headquarters in Germany (Stuttgart), Vector has subsidiaries in the USA, Japan, France, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, Sweden, South Korea, India, China, and Brazil.

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Visure Solutions, Inc.

Established in 2002, Visure Solutions is a leading requirements management ALM company providing specialized, innovative and user-friendly solutions to implement efficient requirements management processes, aimed at guaranteeing the highest quality in the development of our clients' products, systems and services. Visure's all-in-one requirements management ALM platform supports requirements management, test management, bug and issue tracking, change management, risk management and variant management. As part of its product upgrade, Visure has also introduced a new company logo. The company's solutions are used across various industries, including aerospace and defense, automotive, banking and finance, medical devices, energy and nuclear, oil and gas, robotics and industrial automation. Visure is also a worldwide certified IREB (International Requirements Engineering Board) trainer of CPRE (Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering) by the IREB. Please visit

Products/Services: AVIONICS


  VODEA, Your multimedia embedded Solutions partner :   ON BOARD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIER Video management & processing computer for  SECURITY, SURVEILLANCE & ENTERTAINMENT   Since 2003, VODEA design and manufacture on board multimedia equipment for Security, Surveillance and Entertainment. Especially, our FOCUS product line is dedicated to video and image processing with artificial intelligence capabilities. More than 200 FOCUS are installed (line-fit or retrofit) in military aircraft, UAV, helicopters and commercial aircraft. FOCUS can be tuned / customized according to customer video applications:

  • Cockpit management system
  • Streaming with augmented reality for cabin entertainment
  • Aircraft surveillance using image processing and machine learning
  • Push-back / taxi monitoring
  - VODEA design and deliver products for Linefit & Retrofit : - Multi-competencies design team (ISO 9001 / EN9100) - Recurrent investments since 15 years to develop our own product line : FOCUS - Tuning/customisation according to customer requirements - Outsourcing of the production : EN9100 / Part 145 - Qualification/certification : RTCA DO160, DO178, DO254 - More than 200 equipment delivered : 75% for Commercial Aircrafts - Main businesses of VODEA cover multimedia embedded solutions :  Video & metadata management, multiplexing, transcoding, recording, streaming, overlay, mosaic, display, image processing with machine learning capabilities - The FOCUS product line addresses the following video applications : - Cockpit management system - Streaming with augmented reality for cabin entertainment - Aircraft surveillance using image processing & machine learning capabilities - Pushback / taxi monitoring The FOCUS product line is a family of embedded computers dedicated to video and image processing : On board video management & processing computer for security, surveillance & entertainment FOCUS-CA : On board video management & processing computer for Security, Surveillance & Entertainment FOCUS can be used for linefit or retrofift and can be tuned/customised according to customer requirements FOCUS includes: - Analog to digital and digital to analog converter for DACU application. - An embedded recorder & player with a removable rugged solid state disk. - Camera acquisition, streaming & transcoding with augmented reality. - Video and metadata SATCOM streamer. - Image processing and machine learning capabilities (fusion, object detection, face recognition, ...). KEY FEATURES : low bit rate, low latency, high quality, HD, time stamping, synchronised metadata for evidence, audio, SSD media, WIFI, remote control, DO160, on demand hardware & software customisation KEY APPLICATIONS - Cockpit video management unit: - Internal/external cameras acquisition and multiplexing. - Multi format acquisition/generation (SDI, PAL / NTSC, H264 / H265). - Video streaming for passenger entertainment: - Moving map / external camera fusion. - Augmented reality in real time. - SSD management. - Aircraft video surveillance (cabin / cargo /cockpit / bulk) using image processing & AI capabilities: - Loading/unloading surveillance. - Boarding/landing & cabin readiness conformity. - Inflight event detection (air rage, movement / comportment detection). - Pushback / Taxi monitoring.   Thanks to our recurrent investments in Research & Technology, today VODEA annonce the FOCUS-AI PCD : RealTime image processing using Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning technologies, DO160 qualified Automatic multipersons detection, counting & tracking, with triggered posture alert notification for Surveillance & Security application The FOCUS-AI product line is a family of embedded computers dedicated to video and image processing. FOCUS-AI includes: - Acquisition of several video (IP, SDI or Analog). - Counting of persons having entered / left an area bounded by multiple accesses (cameras). - Posture detection of persons on several cameras covering the surveillance area : lying, seated, standup, … - Reporting and warning notification. - Recording of video with image time stamping, metadata and alert notified using removable rugged solid state disk for evidence. FOCUS-AI can be customized, both Hardware and Software according to customer specific requirements. KEY FEATURES : Multi-camera, persons detection, Deep Learning, public or private dataset, image processing, Bbox, person counting, posture detection, reporting & warning, low false-positive rate, low bit rate, low latency, high quality, HD, H.265, time stamping, metadata for evidence, audio, SSD media, rugged H/W, IP65, DO160. KEY APPLICATIONS - Aircraft & passengers surveillance & security (cabin, cargo, cockpit, bulk) : loading/unloading surveillance, boarding/landing & cabin readiness conformity, inflight event detection (passengers movement counting & comportment detection). - Aircraft Pushback & Taxi monitoring. - Homeland security : crisis management (counting of victims, counting of rescuers), sensitive site surveillance. - Rail passenger car surveillance & security : passengers counting according specific posture (seated / stand up), passengers behaviour detection.