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The Airbus Services purpose is to further enhance safety in the aviation industry, strengthen our relationship with our customers and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Our team creates value by optimising aircraft safety and availability, streamlining flight operations and enhancing in-flight experience, with all the expertise of an aircraft designer and manufacturer. Building on Airbus’ pioneering spirit, we collaborate with our aviation industry partners and deliver world leading aviation services powered by digital and new technologies. Our innovative services help operators make the best out of their aircraft, support MROs with maintenance activities and maximise lessors' assets whilst minimising impact on the environment. 

From a fully integrated package including training, flight ops, maintenance, upgrades, dismantling & recycling, to a single adhoc solution, our complete services portfolio covers the entire aircraft life cycle from entry into service to end of life:

∙ Core Services: Assisting Customers to safely operate their Airbus fleet with highly skilled and dedicated teams around the world

∙ Optimised Aircraft Availability: Solutions to ensure safe and efficient maintenance throughout the aircraft life cycle

∙ Streamlined Flight Operations: Solutions to increase operational efficiency and minimise environmental impact

∙ Enhanced In-Flight Experience: On-board upgrade and digital solutions improving passenger and crew comfort, connectivity and experience