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EikoSim is a start-up founded in 2016 after several years of research, by Florent MATHIEU and Renaud GRAS, two PHDs in mechanics from the LMT in Cachan, one of the most prestigious mechanical laboratories in Europe. Since 2018, we have been developing and marketing EikoTwina software suite designed to reduce the gaps between tests and simulations, in particular by seeking to reduce risks within the validation phase of the design digital thread, in order to help build more predictive models. Thanks to the use of digital image correlation technology (DIC), we are able to image mechanical tests in order to measure the displacement fields of the visible surfaces directly on the finite element mesh of the tested parts.   The second step of the process is the creation of a Digital Twin, where simulation and test data are expressed on the finite element mesh. The test-simulation comparison becomes immediate, and the validation of simulations easier and faster. Calibration of the model is enabled by integrating new measured boundary conditions into the simulation model, but also by parameter identification.   Our software solution is now implemented in various industrial customers in the aeronautics, aerospace, defense and automotive sectors as well as in university research laboratories, thus validating the relevance of our offer, particularly with test & simulation teams and design offices.