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Website: www.evomesure.com

EvoMesure is a supplier of innovative instrument for Pitot Static tests, aerodynamic flight and wind tunnel tests, and Fluid mechanic. EvoMesure is the specialist of D.MARCHIORI (DMA) a recognized manufacturer of top class Air Data Test Sets for RVSM avionic test, and Part-145 maintenance. The DMA Pitot Static testers cover both civilian and military application and are combined with a complete catalogue of Pitot Static kits and unique leak free adapters for more than 900 different models of aircrafts. EvoMesure is also a specialist for aerodynamic measurement with a range of high accuracy pressure scanners from SCANIVALVE for wind tunnel, flight test, and engine test bench applications. We also are the exclusive distributor of EVOSCANN a manufacturer of miniature pressure scanner selected in the Clean Sky II project for the Racer helicopter. Finally, our partner VECTOFLOW provides unique customized metal 3D printed flow probes for flow measurements both in test bench or flight test applications. With EvoMesure, solve your measurement challenges and “Measure with passion” !