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Skayl is a small business providing systems, software and device interoperability solutions for large, complex environments with a need for unsurpassed integration scalability, flexibility, dependability, security and value. Skayl principals have been actively supporting the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACETM) Consortium since 2012.  We have been instrumental in shaping the discussion in the Data Architecture Working Group and are recognized as thought leaders in this realm of data architecture.

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Step Lab

STEP Lab is specialized in the production of test systems for mechanical static, dynamic and impact tests. Our product range is divided into Electrodynamic actuators for dynamic fatigue testing based on ballscrew or linear motor technology, drop weight towers and customized testing systems. All our systems are based on our own developed electronic platform and Test Center software.

Products/Services: AEROSPACE TESTING

Swiss Aviation Soft

AMOS is a comprehensive, fully-integrated software package that successfully manages the maintenance, engineering and logistics requirements of modern airlines and MRO providers by fulfilling demanding airworthiness standards. Swiss AviationSoftware unites more than 30 years of IT experience with profound MRO expertise and offers its customers a functionally unsurpassed and technologically state-of-the art maintenance system. Swiss-AS has succeeded in offering the market a system that meets the fast changing demands of a highly dynamic industry and has attracted more than 180 customers worldwide. The number and size of customers who newly select, or continue to place their trust in AMOS, speaks for itself.

Products/Services: FLIGHT OPS, MRO IT

Sysgo AG

Europe's Number 1 in embedded Operating Systems SYSGO is Europe's leading supplier of real-time operating systems for safety-critical embedded systems. Our software platform PikeOS, an RTOS with hypervisor functionality, enables the secure execution of critical and non-critical applications on the same hardware, thus reducing footprint requirements, hardware costs and energy consumption. PikeOS - Wherever Safety & Security matters PikeOS was developed from scratch for mission-critical projects with certification requirements according to various safety and security standards such as DO-178B/C, IEC 61508, EN 50128, ISO 26262 or IEC 15408 (Common Criteria). Currently, PikeOS provides developers with improved single and multi-core CPU handling (scalability), efficient power and resource management, as well as secure / optimised task handling in processor cores (fine-grained locking). This makes PikeOS the ideal basis for certification projects with high demands on Safety and Security. In terms of Security, PikeOS is currently the only separation kernel certified according to Common Criteria (EAL3+). In addition, PikeOS offers a fully-certified programming interface and thus enables application development according to the principle "Safe & Secure by Design". More information also here: ELinOS - Embedded Linux Development Environment SYSGO will also present ELinOS 7 - an "industrial Linux" - designed to easily realize "out-of-the-box" software projects. ELinOS is SYSGO's own Linux distribution and 100% compatible with PikeOS. The ELinOS kernel provides the latest industrial drivers, connectivity stacks, real-time extensions, support for industrial hardware and a state-of-the-art embedded development environment. Customers receive direct support from SYSGO engineers with extensive experience in industrial applications. Safety & Security is not an Option – it’s an absolute Must! Certification of software according to Safety and/or Security standards is a complex process. SYSGO has the expertise to guide its customers from the first step through the entire development process and prepare them for efficient and successful certification. 80% of SYSGO's engineers have experience with certification projects where customers are supported throughout the certification process. SYSGO's customers are leading players in the fields of Aerospace & Defense, Avionics, Railway, Automotive, Industrial Automation and safety-critical applications in the Internet of Things (IoT). SYSGO has locations in Germany, France, the UK and the Czech Republic and is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013. More information at:

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TDM is a study office for electronics cards. Our main activity concern video treatment but also magnetometry, power of electronics, IoT...  Our activity just lead us to become a rank 1 supplier for a major Aircraft company ! TDM also own their own products such as video recorder, video splitter... We will have our material with us on the booth, come to see us !

Techtest (HR Smith)

The HR Smith Group of Companies is an independent avionics manufacturing company which has been serving the aircraft industry for over 50 years. The Group consists of four companies and has capabilities in Airborne Antennas, Static Dischargers, Radomes, Emergency Locator Transmitters, Direction Finding Systems and Avionics Test Sets. All products utilise advanced technology and are manufactured to the highest standards by a dedicated team of professionals at our UK and US factories, offering solutions for both commercial and military applications.

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TECHWAY pioneers advanced electronics solutions for SIGNAL and VIDEO acquisition and processing. Our company is a recognized specialist in high-speed signals and images acquisition. Our expertise is focused on real-time processing. We simplify high-end technologies' adoption by designing ready-to-use embedded solutions that reduce R&D time and cost to system integrators. Our products are of the highest quality, designed with our know-how in the field gained over 15 years. Based on the latest FPGA technologies, our modular and versatile products are the result of engineering activities and R&D efforts carried out in close collaboration with our Defense and Avionics customers. All our solutions meet international standards and are designed to adapt to the widest range of industrial environments. Our goal is to provide the industrial sectors – Defense, Avionics and Industrial Production – with advanced cost-effective solutions. We provide the highest quality of customer service and support before, during and after sales. Avionics applications Provider of advanced solutions for Avionics key players, TECHWAY launched in 2008, the first ARINC 818 10X10 switch – digital video bus in aircraft cockpits – for the A350 certification program. In a few years, TECHWAY has become one of the ARINC 818 protocol leaders thanks to renowned partnerships like Great River Technology, co-founder of the ARINC 818 protocol.

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Teledyne Controls

At Teledyne Controls, we built our name on intelligent solutions that collect, manage and deliver aircraft data more efficiently. Our innovative technology and collaborative customer relationships have revolutionized the way aircraft operators access, manage and utilize their data, helping them achieve higher goals in safety, performance and efficiency. Our adaptable suite of products include Data Acquisition & Management Systems, Wireless Data Transfer Systems, Flight Data Analysis & Investigation Solutions, Data Loading Solutions and Aircraft Network Systems. Combined together, these products provide comprehensive data management solutions that leverage aircraft data intelligence and create value for our customers.


Teledyne e2v

Teledyne e2v, an aerospace qualified manufacturer of advanced semiconductors, will showcase its Qormino® line of Common Compute Platform solutions. Qormino brings design simplifications and SWaP optimizations (Size, Weight and Power) to Aerospace & Defense customers.

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Aircraft component OEMs, MRO facilities, and operators depend on Testek Solutions for highly reliable aerospace test equipment to certify hydraulics, power generation, avionics, fuel, lube, actuator, and pneumatic components. With a 50-year track record of success, Testek uniquely holds long-term OEM partnerships, provides the industry’s leading equipment warranty, and support from a dedicated worldwide team.

Products/Services: AEROSPACE TESTING

Thommen Aircraft Equipment AG

THOMMEN AIRCRAFT EQUIPMENT Ltd is a world-leading Swiss manufacturer of mission equipment, displays, air data displays and air data computers, digital clocks and chronographs for helicopters, fixed wing aircraft & UAV. THOMMEN also offers superior aviation qualified Flashlights and supplies innovative night vision compatible aircraft lighting products. The entire product line serves both the OEM production of new aircraft as well as the retrofit market for existing fleets. THOMMEN maintains the following quality Approvals and Certifications and our equipment and systems are manufactured according to the EASA Part-21 G – Production Organisation Approval Certificate, the EASA Part-145 Maintenance Organisation Approval Certificate, the EASA Part-21 O Capability for Design – the ETSO Authorization and the EN 9100:2009 / AS 9100 Rev. C – Quality Management System Aviation Certificate. For more information about THOMMEN visit

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TTTech is a global leader in the field of robust networking and safety controls. The company’s solutions improve safety and reliability of networked electronic systems in the industrial and transportation sectors. Within the aerospace industry TTTech provides solutions based on TTP, AFDX® and TTEthernet (combining IEE 802.3, ARINC 664 p7 and SAE AS6802 standards in one product). The embedded products are certified according to DO-178B and DO-254 Level A, providing an ideal platform for DO-297-compliant systems. Besides aeronautics, TTTech’s radiation hardened TTEthernet Controller ASICs and its full line of radiation hardened TTEthernet switches and network interface cards are offered for deep space applications.

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Efficient process means bringing your people, tools and assets together at the right time, in the right place to get the job done. Easy to plan, hard in reality. Ubisense helps you optimize complex process flows by combining real-time location intelligence with business systems so your plan and reality are never out of sync. Our SmartSpace™ platform creates a real-time digital twin of your physical environment using the best location-sensing technology and gives you the power to easily analyze, error-proof and automate great processes. The world’s leading brands rely on Ubisense to optimize their operations and deliver quality on schedule.

Products/Services: FLIGHT OPS, MRO IT


Undo is the leader in software reliability solutions based on Software Flight Recording Technology. Its flagship product - LiveRecorder - helps to reduce time-to-resolution of software defects by eliminating the guesswork in bug diagnosis. Built for mission-critical software, Undo is trusted by the world’s largest technology firms to quickly resolve defects in complex applications across all phases of the software development life cycle - allowing them to accelerate software delivery and resolve customer issues faster. With offices in Cambridge (UK) and San Francisco (CA), Undo’s solutions are used by thousands of software engineers across leading technology companies including SAP, Juniper, Cadence Design Systems, Micro Focus, and Mentor (a Siemens business).

Vector Informatik GMBH

Vector Informatik is the leading manufacturer of hardware and software tools for the design and test of embedded electronics and their networking via CAN, Ethernet and AFDX up to ARINC 429. Since 1988 Vector has been a partner of manufacturers and suppliers to the aerospace and automotive industry. Design and test engineers in the aerospace environment benefit from the Vector tools for system, integration and flight testing as well as monitoring and analysis of bus communication. Worldwide customers in the automotive, commercial vehicles, aerospace, transportation, and control technology industries rely on the solutions and products of the independent Vector Group for the development of technologies for future mobility. Vector worldwide currently employs more than 3,000 people with sales of EUR 770 million in 2019. With its headquarters in Germany (Stuttgart), Vector has subsidiaries in the USA, Japan, France, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, Sweden, South Korea, India, China, and Brazil.

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Visure Solutions, Inc.

Established in 2002, Visure Solutions is a leading requirements management ALM company providing specialized, innovative and user-friendly solutions to implement efficient requirements management processes, aimed at guaranteeing the highest quality in the development of our clients' products, systems and services. Visure's all-in-one requirements management ALM platform supports requirements management, test management, bug and issue tracking, change management, risk management and variant management. As part of its product upgrade, Visure has also introduced a new company logo. The company's solutions are used across various industries, including aerospace and defense, automotive, banking and finance, medical devices, energy and nuclear, oil and gas, robotics and industrial automation. Visure is also a worldwide certified IREB (International Requirements Engineering Board) trainer of CPRE (Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering) by the IREB. Please visit

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  VODEA, Your multimedia embedded Solutions partner :   ON BOARD EQUIPMENT SUPPLIER Video management & processing computer for  SECURITY, SURVEILLANCE & ENTERTAINMENT   Since 2003, VODEA design and manufacture on board multimedia equipment for Security, Surveillance and Entertainment. Especially, our FOCUS product line is dedicated to video and image processing with artificial intelligence capabilities. More than 200 FOCUS are installed (line-fit or retrofit) in military aircraft, UAV, helicopters and commercial aircraft. FOCUS can be tuned / customized according to customer video applications:

  • Cockpit management system
  • Streaming with augmented reality for cabin entertainment
  • Aircraft surveillance using image processing and machine learning
  • Push-back / taxi monitoring
  - VODEA design and deliver products for Linefit & Retrofit : - Multi-competencies design team (ISO 9001 / EN9100) - Recurrent investments since 15 years to develop our own product line : FOCUS - Tuning/customisation according to customer requirements - Outsourcing of the production : EN9100 / Part 145 - Qualification/certification : RTCA DO160, DO178, DO254 - More than 200 equipment delivered : 75% for Commercial Aircrafts - Main businesses of VODEA cover multimedia embedded solutions :  Video & metadata management, multiplexing, transcoding, recording, streaming, overlay, mosaic, display, image processing with machine learning capabilities - The FOCUS product line addresses the following video applications : - Cockpit management system - Streaming with augmented reality for cabin entertainment - Aircraft surveillance using image processing & machine learning capabilities - Pushback / taxi monitoring The FOCUS product line is a family of embedded computers dedicated to video and image processing : On board video management & processing computer for security, surveillance & entertainment FOCUS-CA : On board video management & processing computer for Security, Surveillance & Entertainment FOCUS can be used for linefit or retrofift and can be tuned/customised according to customer requirements FOCUS includes: - Analog to digital and digital to analog converter for DACU application. - An embedded recorder & player with a removable rugged solid state disk. - Camera acquisition, streaming & transcoding with augmented reality. - Video and metadata SATCOM streamer. - Image processing and machine learning capabilities (fusion, object detection, face recognition, ...). KEY FEATURES : low bit rate, low latency, high quality, HD, time stamping, synchronised metadata for evidence, audio, SSD media, WIFI, remote control, DO160, on demand hardware & software customisation KEY APPLICATIONS - Cockpit video management unit: - Internal/external cameras acquisition and multiplexing. - Multi format acquisition/generation (SDI, PAL / NTSC, H264 / H265). - Video streaming for passenger entertainment: - Moving map / external camera fusion. - Augmented reality in real time. - SSD management. - Aircraft video surveillance (cabin / cargo /cockpit / bulk) using image processing & AI capabilities: - Loading/unloading surveillance. - Boarding/landing & cabin readiness conformity. - Inflight event detection (air rage, movement / comportment detection). - Pushback / Taxi monitoring.   Thanks to our recurrent investments in Research & Technology, today VODEA annonce the FOCUS-AI PCD : RealTime image processing using Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning technologies, DO160 qualified Automatic multipersons detection, counting & tracking, with triggered posture alert notification for Surveillance & Security application The FOCUS-AI product line is a family of embedded computers dedicated to video and image processing. FOCUS-AI includes: - Acquisition of several video (IP, SDI or Analog). - Counting of persons having entered / left an area bounded by multiple accesses (cameras). - Posture detection of persons on several cameras covering the surveillance area : lying, seated, standup, … - Reporting and warning notification. - Recording of video with image time stamping, metadata and alert notified using removable rugged solid state disk for evidence. FOCUS-AI can be customized, both Hardware and Software according to customer specific requirements. KEY FEATURES : Multi-camera, persons detection, Deep Learning, public or private dataset, image processing, Bbox, person counting, posture detection, reporting & warning, low false-positive rate, low bit rate, low latency, high quality, HD, H.265, time stamping, metadata for evidence, audio, SSD media, rugged H/W, IP65, DO160. KEY APPLICATIONS - Aircraft & passengers surveillance & security (cabin, cargo, cockpit, bulk) : loading/unloading surveillance, boarding/landing & cabin readiness conformity, inflight event detection (passengers movement counting & comportment detection). - Aircraft Pushback & Taxi monitoring. - Homeland security : crisis management (counting of victims, counting of rescuers), sensitive site surveillance. - Rail passenger car surveillance & security : passengers counting according specific posture (seated / stand up), passengers behaviour detection.

Weigele Aerospace UG

Weigele Aerospace is the Inflight Power Company. We are a leading global provider of power supply products and services for aviation. We design, source and qualify leading edge, modular power supplies that enable customizable solutions for and by our aviation partners. Our mission is to power equipment, to power efficiency and to power your future.