DocuNet’s Latest Innovation Supports Airbus OLB Data

Vistair Systems, a developer of aviation management software, has released a major upgrade to its document management solution, by supporting Airbus OLB data in the DocuNet Viewer.

As part of the upgrade, Airbus operators using Flysmart, LPCNG or the OIS, can now benefit from a seamless and unparalleled user experience when managing their Airbus data within our DocuNet solution, without the requirement for any technical expertise. 

In addition, all interactive features of OLB data such as information layering, cross linking between OLB documents, filtering and embedded multi-media content are supported, ensuring greater engagement for end users.

“Vistair has a long-standing commitment to developing the best-in-class document management technology,” said Ian Herbert, CEO. “We want to ensure that our customers have the optimum solution for managing mission-critical documentation. Supporting OLB data format will provide a new level of intuitive user experience whilst delivering additional time and operational efficiencies to users.”

Currently being rolled out to their existing global client base operating Airbus fleets, the company says feedback has been “uniformly positive.”

“By introducing support for OLB data format, we show our commitment to our international customers around the globe, allowing them to effortlessly manage documentation whilst adhering to the highest industry safety standards,” David Hedley, CTO added. “We are looking forward to rolling the update out across our customer base.”