EACP Innovation Forum – The Future of Aviation is Now!

When you talk with European Aerospace SMEs about the inevitable transition to Sustainable Aviation, you always think about needs. What do they need? What do they want? Most often, they need the appropriate framework to fulfil their role as disruptive and innovative drivers of sustainability.

This is why we need to rethink how these enterprises can be supported on a European, national and regional level and which tools can be provided to leverage that support. Together with partners from the Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking, EACP Clusters, SMEs and Aerospace Tech Week, the EACP INNOVATION FORUM will discuss how to improve the access to the green aviation economy for SMEs and the challenges they face.

In this framework, the EACP SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION AWARD winners will also be officially presented, celebrating the greenest and most disruptive SMEs or Start-Ups in the EACP network. The aim of such an event is to highlight the importance of the supply chain in the way towards clean aviation, raising the awareness amongst industrial and political stakeholders. A jury composed by industry experts evaluated projects from participating companies, selecting the winners based on their potential to disrupt and pave the way to a zero-emission future.

It is with great pleasure that we announce podium of the award, which will officially be presented during the award ceremony event on Wednesday, 22nd June:

1st Place – Coldsense Technologies GmbH, Niedersachsen Aviation (Germany)

Innovation: Efficient ice protection system for the zero-emission aviation, combining low-drag icephobic coatings and efficient electothermal de-icing for the next generation of sustainable aviation supporting hybrid/electric propulsion systems.

2nd Place – APUS GmbH, BBAA (Germany)

Innovation: The APUS i-2 is the first hydrogen-electric aircraft for daily use. It is a four-seat normal-category (CS-23) aircraft with 2,200 kg MTOM, a range of 500 NM and a maximum cruise speed of 150 KTAS.

3rd Place – AURA AERO, Aerospace Valley (France)

Innovation: ERA (Electrical Regional Aircraft) is a regional aircraft, able to carry up to 19 passengers with an electric propulsion and hybrid energy storage system composed of batteries and a turbogenerator.

However, many more companies applied for our EACP INNOVATION AWARD, showcasing the potential of the European supply chain in the transition towards green aviation. It is now our responsibility to harvest this potential through ad hoc funding and creating the right political environment and tools to improve market access for these companies.

If you are interested in learning more about EACP and green transition in the aviation industry, do not miss our event on June 22nd at ILA Berlin, at the ISC Stage from 4pm to 6pm! EACP #strongertogether