EASA Publishes New AMCs on Development Assurance for Airborne Electronic Hardware and Management of Open Problem Reports

In the domain of product certification or European technical standard orders (ETSOs) authorization, AMC 20-152A provides state-of-the-art means for showing compliance with the applicable airworthiness regulations with regard to electronic hardware embedded in airborne systems and equipment. 

This material recognizes the use of the development assurance standard EUROCAE ED-80/RTCA DO-254. It also provides guidance for development assurance when using Commercial-Off-The-Shelves (COTS) electronic devices and Intellectual Property. This publication paves the way for a new approach in writing AMC in the domain of development assurance, with a focus on the objectives, offering to the industry the flexibility to detail the activities to meet these objectives.

AMC 20-189 provides guidance on management and classification of Open Problem Reports (OPR) at time of product approval or ETSO authorization. This material is intended to be used when showing compliance for and across airborne electronic hardware, software and system development.

These documents have been developed in close coordination with FAA, in order to achieve harmonization in these domains. They result from four years of work in coordination with FAA, including a joint EASA/FAA public consultation phase, and with the support of the US and European industry associations ASD, GAMA, AIA according to EASA.