Equipmake Signs Aerospace Electric Motor Production Supply Agreement with H55 

Equipmake, a UK-based engineering specialist pioneering the development and production of electrification products across the automotive, aerospace, bus and coach industries, has agreed to a production technology partnership with leading electric aerospace propulsion company H55.

The new agreement builds on a collaboration already in place – which has seen Equipmake supply advanced electric motors to support H55 Electric Propulsion System (EPS) development – with Equipmake and H55 partnering on production-ready, certified EPS, with Equipmake supplying its lightweight, power dense, high-performance state-of-the art electric motors for use in electric aircraft. Certification is planned for end of 2024.

Equipmake has been chosen for its expertise in advanced electrification technology and rapid manufacturing with the bespoke high-performance motors created for H55 using its proprietary rotor design, using Halbach array technology to deliver significant advantages. Equipmake will support H55 on its customer program with aircraft manufacturer BRM AERO, on the Bristell B23 Energic aircraft, a two-seater electric trainer designed for flight schools and pilot training, as the project advances from prototype development to full manufacturing. 

“I am delighted to build on our initial agreement with H55, announcing an agreement to partner for production on our lightweight, power dense electric motors, developing certified electric propulsion systems for the BRM Aero project,” Ian Foley, CEO, Equipmake said. “This will result in a highly advanced electric two-seater training aircraft.”   

André Borschberg, executive chairman, H55 said: “I am pleased to see our collaboration taking this important step, as we have many customers looking forward to using this technology. This partnership is very complimentary, coupling Equipmake’s experience in motor design and serial production with H55’s propulsion and battery expertise: all the prerequisites for a successful collaboration.”

Led by former F1 engineer Ian Foley, Equipmake says it has forged its reputation on advanced EV technology, delivering a suite of electrification solutions from cutting-edge electric motors to complete EV powertrains for a wide range of customers, serving the automotive, marine, mining, off-highway and aerospace sectors.

H55, a Swiss company, is a leading enabler of electric propulsion solutions and battery systems, with proven ability in developing, integrating, and flight-testing electric propulsion systems, including Solar Impulse, the first solar-powered electric airplane to fly around the world.