EUROCAE and Japan Aviation Innovation Development Association (AIDA) Sign MOU

On 3 September 2020, the Japan Aviation Innovation Development Association (AIDA) and EUROCAE have agreed to work together on developing aviation industry standards. The Memorandum of Understanding enables the two organizations to work together to enhance collaboration between the Japanese aviation community and the EUROCAE standardization activities, helping to speed up the implementation of new technologies.The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) provides a framework for cooperation between the two organizations. These include exchanging information, sharing expertise and best practices, and cross-participation in working groups. As a first step, AIDA joined EUROCAE as a Full Member earlier in 2020 in recognition of the efforts of both organisations to enhance aviation and promote strong cooperation in developing global industry standards.
Professor Shinji Suzuki, University of Tokyo Aviation Department and founder of AIDA, and Christian Schleifer-Heingärtner, Secretary General, EUROCAE, at the virtual signing ceremony 

“AIDA considers collaboration with EUROCAE is important because innovations, especially the ones for aviation safety, can be brought on the wide and global expert collaboration and EUROCAE leads such collaboration,” said Professor Shinji Suzuki, University of Tokyo Aviation Department and founder of AIDA.

AIDA is already actively involved in the EUROCAE Working Groups on AI and UAS and will join other working groups in the future.AIDA started activities in October 2018 with the aim of promoting aviation innovations covering all aspects of air activities such as aviation technology, policies and industries. It is led by Prof Suzuki (University of Tokyo). Today, the group says it brings together all major players in Japan, including 30 world-leading companies and organizations.

EUROCAE is a European leader in the development of worldwide recognized industry standards for aviation. EUROCAE develops standards by industry/members for the industry needs that build upon the state of the art expertise of their members and address the global aviation challenges, are fit for purpose to be adopted internationally and support the operational, development and regulatory processes. EUROCAE Secretary General, Christian Schleifer-Heingärtner, said, “We see a great opportunity work with AIDA and the increasing numbers of Japanese partners, to gain insight into each other’s work and priorities, and ensuring the voice of the Japanese aviation community is heard in our standardization activities. Strengthening the cooperation with other regions of the world is a key objective of EUROCAE to develop internationally recognized standards, which can only be truly global if they result from inputs of all concerned stakeholders worldwide. We thank AIDA and Professor Suzuki for his personal commitment to establish this cooperation.”This collaboration is not intended to replace the individual contribution of EUROCAE and AIDA member organisations to EUROCAE and AIDA activities, but rather to encourage their respective members to strengthen their engagement in the work of EUROCAE and AIDA.