Exact Metrology Now Offers New Artec LEO 3D Scanner

Exact Metrology announces the availability of the Artec LEO  3D scanner, produced by Artec 3D, a developer and manufacturer of professional 3D scanners and software. Artec LEO is the first scanner to offer onboard automatic processing with an integrated touch panel viewer and frees users from being tied to a computer for data capture.

The scanner has a 3D reconstruction rate of 80 frames per second, making it the fastest professional scanner on the market. With its large field of view, Artec LEO can scan and process large objects and scenes quickly and accurately.

Artec LEO features data acquisition up to 4 million points/second, with a working range of .35-1.2 m.  The 3D resolution on this scanner is up to .5 mm and 3D point accuracy up to .1mm. State-of-the-art technologies including the NVIDIA Jetson platform, which is the scanner’s internal computer, featuring Quad-core ARM Cortex  -A57 MPCore CPU and NVIDIA Maxwell  1 TFLOPS GPU with 256 NVIDIA  CUDA  Cores; a built-in 9 DoF inertial system- accelerometer, gyro and compass. The company says this allows the scanner to understand its position and environment; and a two-in-one optical system designed to spec for the most exact texture to geometry mapping.

Artec LEO can scan in sunlight, as well as capture dark and shiny objects. As with all Artec scanners, it uses advanced hybrid technology and texture tracking. Therefore, you can point at your object and shoot. There is no need to stick targets and remove them. The texture resolution is 2.3 mp.

This handheld scanner is equipped with a 4” LCD screen to capture images of the data. The 3D light source is provided by state-of-the-art VCSEL (Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser) technology. With no need to connect to a computer or to plug in to a main power source, users can hold the scanner and walk around freely, scanning without the worry of wires or additional equipment. Artec LEO’s battery pack allows users to scan for 3.5 to 4 hours. Supplementary battery modules permit unlimited 3D scanning on expeditions or in remote areas. There are 2 cameras on this scanner. One is a range camera for 3D geometry and another is a color camera. The color camera captures color texture data. Besides built-in battery and wireless connectivity, Artec LEO can stream the scanning process to a second device.

According to company tests, the battery lasts for up to 6 hours, depending on external conditions.