Flightdocs announces new integration with ForeFlight, a Boeing Company.

The integration enhances flight planning processes, which typically involves the transfer of information between schedulers, dispatchers and crew members. The development is therefore geared to enabling reliable transition of data from flight scheduling to flight planning.

Flightdocs president Greg Heine says, “…We are excited to expand our partnership with Boeing and work alongside them to provide the next generation of integrated solutions to business aviation. The features, functionality and technology of their ForeFlight solutions are the ideal complement to Flightdocs Enterprise and we look forward to working together in the future.”

“We are thrilled to continue our strong partnership with FlightDocs, with our ForeFlight offerings being a great example of our ability to jointly deliver integrated products, services and solutions to optimize operations and enhance the user experience of our business aviation customers,” said William Ampofo, vice president of Business, General Aviation & OEM Services, Boeing Global Services.

According to Flightdocs in its announcement, customers of Flightdocs and ForeFlight will therefore be able to activate the integration and streamline scheduling and flight planning processes.  It will allow schedulers to calculate estimated flight times within Flightdocs, generated by the ForeFlight flight planning engine.  The flight schedule can then be passed into the ForeFlight system, eliminating the need for pilots to re-enter basic trip data. Pilot submitted data is then pushed back to schedulers inside Flightdocs, creating a real-time flow of data between the two platforms and within the flight department.

“With this integration, teams can take control of their scheduling and flight planning within one, seamless workflow and platform”, explains Kent Pickard, Chief Technology Officer, Flightdocs. “Conventional workflows that require multiple data entry points, manual copy-and-paste transfer of estimated times and routes to scheduling is a thing of the past. This is innovative technology working for our customers”.